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How Stunlock built V Rising’s open world using DOTS

To meet their early access deadline, Stunlock Studios partnered with Unity’s Accelerate Solutions team to lớn fine-tune V Rising’s implementation of the data-oriented technology that powers the game’s sprawling, immersive open world.

Bringing a vampiric vision into reality

How tự you efficiently design a vast open world and responsive gameplay for up to lớn 50 concurrent players in a dynamic world that feels alive? Find out how Stunlock Studios used DOTS to lớn execute their ambitious vampiric vision for V Rising, ultimately delivering a game that sold over a million copies in its first week.

  • The challenge

    Building a massive open-world, multiplayer, vampire survival game with a small team

Developing on the bleeding edge with DOTS

Unity’s Data-Oriented Technology Stack (DOTS) enabled Stunlock to lớn scale up the size, complexity, and concurrent player count in their game V Rising. During soft launch, the game’s immediate success overwhelmed servers, ví Stunlock partnered with Unity’s Accelerate Solutions to lớn get players back to lớn stalking their prey.

VRising vampire bite effect
VRising horseback riding scene

The results

  • Used innovative tech to lớn stream and render more than vãn 160,000 interactable objects in real-time
  • Designed an expansive server-based game world, distributed across a five square kilometer map with more than vãn 600,000 entities
  • Crushed targets with over 1 million early access copies sold in one week

Aiming higher with data-oriented architecture

DOTS and ECS enhance game performance through data-oriented programming, parallel processing, and multithreading. The efficiency gains from DOTS and ECS grants developers more latitude to lớn build bigger and bolder games.

V Rising Combat Montage

Achieving massive scale with DOTS and ECS

When Stunlock Studios phối out to lớn build V Rising, they realized quickly that the scale of their vision would require a different design pattern from their previous titles. “We wanted the world to lớn feel alive with lots of destructables and interactibles,” says cofounder and software engineer Rasmus Höök. 

Höök started experimenting with DOTS “because its use cases seemed to lớn fit perfectly with the problems we were trying to lớn solve.” Using DOTS and ECS, Stunlock decreased server strain and minimized client CPU resources, resulting in more concurrent players, lowered system requirements, and a robust tech stack that can scale up to lớn meet Stunlock Studios’s creative vision.

Getting tư vấn at critical times

As with any soft launch, Stunlock experienced a few day one challenges. Something was causing player GPUs to lớn overheat. The team needed to lớn get a solution to lớn their players fast, ví they turned to lớn Unity’s Accelerate Solutions team for guidance.

This issue was something that Accelerate Solutions had seen before, ví they knew what to lớn look for and uncovered some uncapped framerates on the loading screen and in full-screen UI elements. Two days later, V Rising was back on the path to lớn success. Stunlock saw the value in collaborating with Accelerate Solutions, ví they invited a Unity Dedicated Expert Advisor to lớn work alongside their development team to lớn expedite optimizations.

“I'm very, very happy I made that decision to lớn trust in Unity and Accelerate Solutions,” says Rickard Frisegård, Stunlock’s CEO. “We have a bigger and better game because of that partnership.”

V Rising character in a field fighting incoming enemies

Building confidently with source code access

Having source code access to lớn DOTS gave Stunlock the confidence to lớn be early adopters of a new technology. This access made debugging easier and provided a deeper understanding of the Unity game engine. With a clear view into the inner workings of Unity, Stunlock was able to lớn improve performance, debug faster, and customize the engine to lớn fit their needs.

As Höök puts it, “having source code access was really important to lớn us. It helped a lot to lớn be able to lớn fix bugs, make improvements, or look under the hood to lớn see how to lớn work better with the engine.”

Through their partnership with Unity, Stunlock Studios leveraged bleeding-edge tech and Unity Source Code to lớn build exactly the game they envisioned. The payoff has been tremendous – V Rising is taking over the night.

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Rasmus Höök, Cofounder and Software Engineer, Stunlock Studios

“We would absolutely use DOTS again in the future. The Entities package is much faster to lớn instantiate and update than vãn GameObjects. The packages are streamable, and they are easy to lớn parallelize with jobs because of how the data is laid out.”

Rasmus Höök, Cofounder and Software Engineer, Stunlock Studios

Rickard Frisegård, CEO, Stunlock Studios

“A main factor behind the design decisions for scaling up the world size and amount of players came from the performance boost we were to lớn gain from DOTS.”

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Rickard Frisegård, CEO, Stunlock Studios

Power your ambitions

DOTS lets you take control over memory and processes ví you can build games at massive scale. With Success Plans and Accelerate Solutions, Unity experts are with you every step of the way ví you can innovate with peace of mind.