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is xemtrai.top legit or a scam?

High trust rating. This site looks safe đồ sộ use.

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Why does xemtrai.top have an average đồ sộ good trust score?

xemtrai.top is very likely not a scam but legit and reliable.

Our algorithm gave the review of xemtrai.top a relatively high score. We have based this rating on the data we were able đồ sộ collect about the site on the Internet such as the country in which the trang web is hosted, if an SSL certificate is used and reviews found on other websites.

The rating of the trang web indicates the site is safe đồ sộ cửa hàng and leave your data. However, we cannot guarantee that the site is a scam. Many websites look legit but are in fact nhái. Before you cửa hàng at a site you bởi not know, check the trang web manually.

Positive highlights

The SSL certificate is valid

This trang web does not contain phishing or malware according đồ sộ Flashstart

Negative highlights

The owner of the trang web is using a service đồ sộ hide their identity on WHOIS


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Scam Trends 2024: Watch Out!


As technology evolves, so sánh bởi the tactics of scammers. In 2023, over $1.2 trillion was lost đồ sộ scams, signaling a critical need for heightened awareness. This article unveils the likeliest scams in 2024, from disaster relief đồ sộ AI-powered schemes, offering insights đồ sộ help you navigate the evolving landscape of online security. Stay informed and safeguard your digital experiences from potential threats.

Read on đồ sộ find out the most likeliest of Scams you can encounter in 2024.

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Full review xemtrai.top

Company Rating

We see that the owner of the trang web is using a service đồ sộ hide his/her identity. This may be because the owner does not want đồ sộ get spammed. However, it also makes it difficult đồ sộ identify the real owner of the trang web. As a result, websites hiding their identity get a slightly lower score.

Cloudflare is a worldwide distributed Content Delivery Network (CDN) platform. Cloudflare does not provide trang web hosting services and is primarily concerned with trang web performance and security. It is also a Google Cloud Platform and IBM Cloud partner and therefore shares a lot of mutual reputable customers with both companies. One of Cloudflare's most popular services is its Domain Name Service (DNS) which comes with built-in security measures such as DDoS-blocker and DNSSEC, as well as a Web Application Firewall (WAF). The platform's reputation over the years made it the go-to for a lot of credible organizations and platforms, including ScamAdviser; but lượt thích with everything else on the mạng internet, it is still prone đồ sộ misuse by scammers. 

Webshop Analysis

Websites which offer adult nội dung sometimes contain third-party trackers which can access your IP address , location, and even system hardware information. In addition đồ sộ trackers, adult websites are also very prone đồ sộ data breaches/leaks. Some of these sites also distribute illegal nội dung through viruses and other malware, which can lead đồ sộ serious legal trouble. We recommend extra caution when visiting adult sites as well as the use of VPNs. 

Technical Analysis

We have identified payment methods such as Alipay, Mastercard, Paypal, Visa who offer the consumer the option đồ sộ get their money back if a product is not delivered or another sườn of dispute arises between the consumer and the merchant. There is never a 100% guarantee. Each payment method has its own restrictions đồ sộ get money back and the merchant may still entice you đồ sộ use a different payment method. Make sure you are paying with the method you want đồ sộ. Want đồ sộ know more? Read our article on "Safe Payment Methods".

A valid SSL certificate was found. Professional companies use an SSL certificate đồ sộ encrypt communication between your computer and their trang web. However, there are different levels of certification and scammers also install a miễn phí SSL certificate. If you have đồ sộ enter your data, never bởi this without checking if an SSL certificate protects your information.

Facts about xemtrai.top

Key facts

Domain age

1 year from now

Company data


PrivacyGuardian.org llc




REDACTED FOR PRIVACY, 1928 E. Highland Ave. Ste F104 PMB# 255 85016 Phoenix AZ

Website data

Redirecting from website

www.xemtrai.net, www.xemtrai.com, www.trainude.com, xemtrai.net, xemtrai.com

Domain age

1 year from now

SSL certificate valid


SSL type

Low - Domain Validated Certificates (DV SSL)

SSL issuer

Google Trust Services LLC

WHOIS registration date


WHOIS last update date


WHOIS renew date

Xem thêm: phim truong



Industry - Adult, Registration Possible, Payment Methods - Reliable, Language - Vietnamese





PrivacyGuardian.org llc


REDACTED FOR PRIVACY, 1928 E. Highland Ave. Ste F104 PMB# 255 85016 Phoenix AZ





PrivacyGuardian.org llc


REDACTED FOR PRIVACY, 1928 E. Highland Ave. Ste F104 PMB# 255 85016 Phoenix AZ

Technical Contact




PrivacyGuardian.org llc


REDACTED FOR PRIVACY, 1928 E. Highland Ave. Ste F104 PMB# 255 85016 Phoenix AZ


Register website


Server name





Is this your website?

If you own this trang web you can update your company data and manage your reviews for miễn phí.

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The review report of xemtrai.top has been requested 140 times.
First analyzed: 2022-11-27 14:15:25. Last updated: 2024-01-16 01:29:08

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