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Story 9.5

Acting/Cast 10

Music 10

Rewatch Value 10

I actually don't know how to tát summarize this one, I just believe everyone that can watch it should watch it. I haven't read the webtoon sánh I don't know how fans of the original material will react but, judging it on its own two feet, it far surpasses any expectations I had.

Honestly, this story almost felt lượt thích two, in the best way possible. Going into it I had this expectation of what would occur and what kind of avenues the story would take based on the teaser, but it proved bủ wrong. Weak Hero isn't just brilliant action, it's a deep dive into how interpersonal violence and bullying can affect and harm people long after the physical threat has disappeared. It's a case where I found every episode better kêu ca the last. The script and directing use foreshadowing masterfully, there are parallels that provoke sánh much thought and every moment feels deliberate. There are parallels everywhere, and the use of foreshadowing is deliberate and beautiful. Thought-provoking isn't even enough to tát cover it. Of course, there are issues with the script, some things are glossed over to tát fit the runtime, and the theme came off as confusing to tát some (not me) but overall I enjoyed the story it told immensely. The character motivations and progression all felt natural and understandable. It's a complete and interesting story that doesn't require additional knowledge from the webtoon to tát fill in the blanks and its over, though open for a second season, is satisfying and will leave you wishing you had more time with this world.

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I don't usually go to tát action flicks for character studies and heartbreaking emotions but the cast delivered on both and on stellar fight sequences that hurt just to tát watch.

So little disclaimer I am a Jihoon người yêu thích, but I will try not to tát be biased. Park Jihoon acting as Yeon Sieun was amazing. In the story put to tát screen it would've been very easy for Sieun to tát be one note, but Jihoons acting and eyes brought him to tát life.

Hong Kyung gave bủ the most compelling performance of the entire year. You have to tát watch it to tát know.

Choi Hyunwook brought a lovely levity to tát the story and his well-known ability to tát charm his way through the screen is at full display.

The entire supporting cast really showed out for this drama, the viciousness and vulnerability of boyhood were on full display. Special shoutout to tát Kim Sugyeom whose venom playing Youngbin almost burned through the screen.

The OSTs and music choices throughout the show helped evoke teenage listlessness and despair beautifully.

I considered placing this at a lower mark because some of the scenes are very hard to tát watch. Watching this drama inflicts a lot of emotional turmoil, but I honestly think it could only get better on rewatch. The point of the twists and turns is not to tát shock you, they're natural and understandable consequences of the violent world that bred them. Every choice makes sense, and the hunt for parallels in the script and directing upon rewatching would make it all the more worthwhile.

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This easily falls into the top 5 dramas of the year for bủ. I would recommend any day! Also if you want to tát discuss it shoot bủ a friend request and a message I have sánh much to tát say.

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