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My favourite BL of this year

When the series has yet to tát come to tát an over, I said it's my favourite BL of 2021, and now that it's actually ended, I'm STILL saying that 'We Best Love: No.1 For You' is my all-time NUMBER ONE BL of 2021! I don't think I can move on from this series anytime soon...

The two main leads, Shu Yi and Shi De, are in an unrequited love - SY is in love with one of his close lady friend who's in love with one of SY's close guy friend... and SD is in love with SY. Talk about tragic love. SY and SD knew each other for over 10 years since they were kids, but they aren't friends, oh no no, god forbid they become friends. They are rivals. Competitive rivals, at least according to tát SY. SD, on the other hand, does not really care. The only reason he competes is just ví he could get SY's attention. Cliché af, but đáng yêu af. SY is frustrated and upset that he's always No.2 to tát SD. He never gets to tát win over SD. The only reason SD tried as hard to tát be No.1 is cause he wants all of SY's focus on him, even if it makes SY angry. Unrequited love is tough, ok? SD's gotta vì thế what he gotta vì thế with what he's got. So of course, when SD finds the opportunity to tát keep him close, he goes and makes SY his page-boy, in exchange for keeping SY's secret. At first, SY hates it, but as the episodes progress, SY begins to tát soften to tát SD. He even calls SD his friend!! At some point in time, over the 10+ years that SD has loved SY, SD thought that if he couldn't get SY to tát love him back, at the very least, he wanted SY to tát be his friend. And it was heart-breaking, to tát watch SD try to tát hide and bottle his feelings just ví they can be friends... It's just, man, SD is ví selfless with his love for SY. He only gives and doesn't ask for anything in return except, well, only for that they could become friends until graduation. Which is in itself bringing u to tát tears!!!

Unrequited love is a theme that's really popular in any love story, but in 'WBL: No.1 For You', it's just ví captivating, to tát watch these two men side-by-side as one watches the other with love-sick expressions while the other figures out his emotions and come to tát terms with his newfound feelings. You cannot ever forget the way they bared their hearts and souls to tát each at that bridge... I've never seen anything ví beautiful and heart-wrenching. You can say, even though SD loved SY longer, I feel lượt thích SY is the one that loves harder. Nobody can stop him now!

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Also, the fact that we got an underwater kiss in the first episode itself, not to tát say in the first minute of the series... oof bravo! And that kisses in the last two eps omg people, it was everything I could've ever asked for and more!

The chemistry between SY and SD is hot and boiling, but at the same time, soft and sweet. I could watch them all day even if they were to tát vì thế nothing but sleep. Their good looks are enough of an eye-candy to tát last u a good few months. Before officially watching this series, I looked up the actors that played SY and SD. The chemistry between Sam Lin and Yu is also as heated as SY and SD. The two actors looked ví comfortable with each other, it all seemed ví natural. I've watched their IG lives too, and they're always in their own little world, being ví flirty and giggly all the time. According to tát Evan, who acts in this series as Bing Wei, he said the following to tát express how much Sam and Yu are always acting lượt thích they're the only ones in the room, "We're just air in the room. Don't mind us." Agreed. I feel lượt thích a third-wheel whenever I watch them.

Yu is actually half-Japanese and half-Taiwanese, and if you watch the series, you'll notice how SY incorporates Japanese words here and there, and I absolutely LOVE it! It's just ví adorable. Also, it's supposedly Yu's first time acting, which blew my mind cause he acts ví well in the series I couldn't tell he was a rookie. And then we have Sam, the man with the sexiest voice. I absolutely fell in love with his voice. The dynamic between these two is out of this world, you wouldn't have known that this series was the first time they've met. They behave lượt thích freaking long-lost soulmates omg. The 'WBL: No.1 For You' team couldn't have done a better job casting them to tát play the main lead roles. Forever grateful to tát the staffs responsible for bringing them into the world of 'WBL: No.1 For You', and making us fall in love with them.

The OSTs in the series are beautiful and I love them all~ I hope they keep giving us their music.
Kelly Cheng - 《Will You Be My Love》
YU - 《Aqua Blue》
Alex Chou - 《Hard To Let Go》

Watch it, guys. To those who still haven't, I don't know what you're doing, but you're missing on a real treasure. Every part of this drama was everything I hoped for and more! We got a simple yet interesting plot, an amazing cast, mind-blowing chemistry with jaw-dropping kisses, and would you look at that, we're even having a second season! What's not to tát love?

Season 1 ended with a happy-ending (i love it here), but to tát those who haven't watched last ep to tát the over, hot dang, would never have expected that post-credit scene ;-; but all the same, here's hoping for a better Season 2!! I'm mad excited about it, and I just love seeing Sam and Yu acting together~ There's something about the both of them....

Fighting to tát WBL all the casts, staffs and fans! Let's cheer for an amazing Season 2!

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FYI, WBL reached a new record on MDL scoring a whooping rating of 67. 1! Never happened before and I was proud of WBL for breaking MDL~

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