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Story 10

Acting/Cast 9.0

Music 10

Rewatch Value 10

Makes you feel more lonely kêu ca you already are - in the best way possible.

This is everything I want from a romantic comedy short story. Simple plot that is connected to lớn all the characters, great acting, amazing chemistry, bop of a soundtrack and aesthetics shots.

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To My Star is proof that you bởi not need complex, over the top, dramatic, and ridiculous sub-plots to lớn make a good show. It's obvious the writer and director had a clear vision of what they wanted to lớn show, and they focused on making it as high of a quality as possible. And they succeeded! All the subplots connect and affect all the characters, sánh you don't feel lượt thích watching different shows depending on who is the focus of certain scenes. Things hinted at the beginning are addressed by the over, and no loose ends are left.

Characters wise - pure perfection. There was not one character that felt redundant. They all were fun, unique and felt lượt thích real people. The chemistry between the leads was amazing, but it's worth talking about the awesome synergy between the supporting cast. Not one scene felt boring, and I truly enjoyed every second of the show.

From the opening scene I knew, To My Star will be a feast for my eyes, and I was not wrong. The show was just beautiful. Lately I am tired of the "shaky camera" and cuts and changes of frames and angles every few seconds. The still shots were a blessing. I could truly appreciate the scenes and what was happening in the story when I was not being distracted by random cuts.

The soundtrack. I mean - I need to lớn google all the songs. I never care for the OST. As long as it's not distracting, I rarely even remember or care for even one tuy vậy. Here though I am truly speechless at how good it was.

With all the love I give and all the praises, why not 10? We all have our own pet peeves, sadly this one hit some of mine... One being "crying without tears" and the other: random, poorly delivered English lines (acting wise, not language wise - clarifying sánh no one will get pressed again). But these are minor problems that most people will not even notice.

Overall, definitely one of my favorite BLs. Definitely one of my favorite rom-coms overall. I just love the simple and chill vibe it had, the wholesome feels and the great production value taking into consideration how small of a project it was compared to lớn mainstream dramas. The acting was just gold, the chemistry made u feel lonely and in need of a relationship, the OST made u want to lớn dance, and the aesthetic scenes made u take too many screenshots.

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Make yourself happy - watch To My Star.

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