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Sung Yu-ri

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Sung in 2019

BornMarch 3, 1981 (age 42)

Tübingen, West Germany

NationalitySouth Korean [note 1]
EducationKyung Hee University
Occupation(s)Actress, singer
Years active1998–present
AgentInitial Entertainment

Ahn Sung-hyun

(m. 2017)

Musical career
Years active
  • 1998–2002
  • 2010–2011
  • 2019–present
LabelsDSP Media
Korean name




Revised RomanizationSeong Yu-ri
McCune–ReischauerSŏng Yuri
Sung in 2013

Sung Yu-ri (born March 3, 1981) is a South Korean actress and singer. She made her entertainment debut in 1998 as a thành viên of the now-defunct K-pop group Fin.K.L. Sung turned lớn acting in 2002, starring in television dramas such as Thousand Years of Love (2003), The Snow Queen (2006), Hong Gil-dong (2008), and Feast of the Gods (2010).

Early life and education[edit]

Sung was born in 1981 in Tübingen, Baden-Württemberg, West Germany. Her father Sung Jong-hyun, a prominent professor of theology at the Presbyterian College and Theological Seminary, was studying at the time in West Germany. Sung's family returned lớn South Korea when she was four years old and she grew up in Gangdong District, Seoul. She attended Myung Elementary and Middle School, and Kwang Nam High School, and graduated from Kyung Hee University with a Post Modern Music major in 2005.


When Sung was a high school student, she began her entertainment career in 1998 as the youngest thành viên of the four-member K-pop girl group Fin.K.L (which stood for "Fine Killing Liberty"), one of the first Korean idol groups.[1] Fin.K.L quickly rose in popularity, releasing four albums (Blue Rain (1998), White (1999), Now (2001), Eternity (2002)), and various singles, live concert albums and compilation albums. But after the release of their fourth album, Sung and fellow band members Ock Joo-hyun, Lee Hyori and Lee Jin began doing solo activities.[2]

Sung made her acting debut in 2002 with Bad Girls, and a year later was cast in her first leading role in Thousand Years of Love (2003). Sung learned horseback riding and martial arts in her role as a Baekje princess who time travels lớn modern-day South Korea.[3] This was followed by the romantic comedy First Love of a Royal Prince (2004), partly shot in nhật bản and Bali, in which Sung's fun-loving sandwich cửa hàng delivery girl was a departure from her previous feminine characters.[4] During this time, she was harshly criticized for her acting.[5][6][7]

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Sung graduated from Kyung Hee University in February 2005 with a degree in Theater and Film; she also received an Achievement Award for promoting her alma mater.[8] After a brief return lớn music via Fin.K.L's digital single Corealism in late 2005, she decided lớn focus solely on her acting career. In line with this, all the Fin.K.L members left their agency DSP Entertainment, and Sung joined SidusHQ in June 2005. In 2006, she starred in One Fine Day and The Snow Queen, playing, respectively, an orphan adopted by a wealthy but suffocating family, and a cold-hearted heiress with an incurable disease.

But it was fusion-period dramedy Hong Gil-dong in 2008 that changed how the industry perceived Sung as an actress. The series' screenwriters, the Hong sisters were initially criticized for casting her, but they defended Sung, and her portrayal of a tomboyish, vanity-free outlaw drew a positive reception from audiences.[9]

Sung then played an aspiring show director who joins the Cirque du Soleil in Swallow the Sun, a 2009 big-budget action-romance series with overseas location shoots in Las Vegas and South Africa.[10] That same year, she also appeared in her first big-screen starring role as a Korean-American adoptee who returns lớn her native country lớn tìm kiếm for her biological mother in Maybe (titled Rabbit and Lizard in Korean).[6][11][12][13][14]

In 2011, Sung left SidusHQ and transferred lớn King Kong Entertainment.[15][16] She then starred in Romance Town, in the role of a maid who wins ₩14 billion in the lottery and keeps it a secret from her quấn and fellow household help.[17][18][19] A more traditional melodrama followed with Feast of the Gods (2012), about two rival female chefs of Korean royal court cuisine.[7][20][21][22][23] Afterwards, Sung reunited onscreen with previous Hong Gil-dong co-star Kang Ji-hwan in the action-comedy film Runway Cop, which revolves around a detective who goes undercover as a fashion model for a drug case.[24][25][26][27]

In 2013, she played a genius with psychogenic amnesia in The Secret of Birth.[28][29] The low-budget indie A Boy's Sister was then released, in which Sung played the titular character who's grieving after her brother's death.[30][31] Later that year, she replaced Han Hye-jin as one of the hosts of talk show Healing Camp, Aren't You Happy.[32][33]

When Sung's contract with King Kong Entertainment expired in January năm trước, she signed with Fantagio.[34] She then appeared for không lấy phí in the short film Chorogi and the Stalker Guy which screened at 6th Seoul International Extreme-Short Image & Film Festival (SESIFF).[35] Sung next played a diva actress who unexpectedly falls for her loyal manager in the năm ngoái omnibus Summer Snow.[36][37]

On April đôi mươi, năm ngoái, Sung signed an exclusive contract with SL Entertainment.[38] She next starred in the revenge melodrama Monster.[39][40]

Personal life[edit]

Sung married golfer Ahn Sung-hyun in May 2017 in a low-key private ceremony. They had been dating for four years and did not publicly announce their marriage until after the ceremony.[41][42] On July 16, 2021, Sung announced on her Instagram that she was pregnant with twins.[43] Later on January 8, 2022, Sung's agency announced that Sung had given birth lớn twin daughters on January 7, 2022.[44]


On July 22, 2022, Sung purchased cosmetics worth 30 million won with her own money, which were donated lớn the Skylight Project.[45]


Video game appearances[edit]

Sung Yu-ri is a playable character in the đoạn Clip game Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (only in the South Korean PC version).

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For Sung Yu-ri's work with Fin.K.L, see Fin.K.L.

Solo artist[edit]

Album information Track listing
연인선언 (Lover's Declaration)
  • Artist: Tim feat. Sung Yu-ri
  • Single
  • Released: August 19, 2010
  • Label: Sony Music

Track listing

  1. 연인선언 (Lover's Declaration)
  2. 연인선언 (Lover's Declaration) (Inst.)
한 사람 (One Person)[46]
  • Artist: Sung Yu-ri
  • Single
  • Released: November đôi mươi, 2011
  • Label: CJ E&M

Track listing

  1. Forever
  2. 한 사람 (One Person)
  3. 한 사람 (One Person) (Inst.)

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominated work Result
2002 MBC Entertainment Awards Best New MC Section TV Entertainment Won
SBS Drama Awards New Star Award Bad Girls Won
2003 SBS Drama Awards Excellence Award, Actress in a Special Planning Drama Thousand Years of Love Won
Netizen Popularity Award Won
Top 10 Stars Won
2004 2nd Andre Kim Best Star Awards Acting Award Won
MBC Drama Awards Popularity Award, Actress[47] First Love of a Royal Prince Nominated
2006 MBC Drama Awards Excellence Award, Actress One Fine Day Nominated
Special Award, Actress in a Miniseries Won
Popularity Award, Actress Nominated
Best Couple Award with Gong Yoo Nominated
KBS Drama Awards Popularity Award, Actress[48] The Snow Queen Won
Best Couple Award with Hyun Bin[48] Won
2007 3rd Andre Kim Best Star Awards Female Star Award[49] Won
1st Mnet 20's Choice Awards Natural Beauty Award Won
2008 44th Baeksang Arts Awards Most Popular Actress (TV)[50] Hong Gil-dong Won
2nd Korea Drama Awards Excellence Award, Actress Nominated
KBS Drama Awards Excellence Award, Actress in a Miniseries Nominated
Popularity Award, Actress Won
Best Couple Award with Kang Ji-hwan Won
2009 SBS Drama Awards Best Couple Award with Ji Sung Swallow the Sun Nominated
2011 KBS Drama Awards Excellence Award, Actress in a Mid-length Drama Romance Town Nominated
Netizen Award, Actress Nominated
Best Couple Award with Jung Gyu-woon Nominated
2012 MBC Drama Awards Top Excellence Award, Actress in a Special Project Drama Feast of the Gods Won
Popularity Award, Actress Nominated
2013 SBS Entertainment Awards Excellence Award, MC category Healing Camp, Aren't You Happy Won
SBS Drama Awards Excellence Award, Actress in a Miniseries[51] The Secret of Birth Won
2014 SBS Entertainment Awards Producer's Award Healing Camp, Aren't You Happy Won
2016 MBC Drama Awards Top Excellence Award, Actress in a Special Project Drama Monster Nominated
2022 2022 KBS Entertainment Awards[52] Excellence Award in Reality Category Love Recall Nominated

State honors[edit]


  1. ^ Germany only recognize nationality by ethnicity, therefore she does not hold German nationality.


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