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The Shin series (「シン・」シリーズ "Shin" shirīzu), as it has been labeled by some truyền thông media outlets,[1][2][3] is a franchise of unconnected Japanese film reboots of popular science fiction series that is primarily helmed by Hideaki Anno. It is currently composed of four entries: Shin Godzilla (2016), Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon A Time (2021, called "Shin Evangelion the Movie" in Japan), Shin Ultraman (2022), and Shin Kamen Rider (2023). Besides Anno, recurring creative forces include Shinji Higuchi, Katsuro Onoue, Masayuki, Ikki Todoroki, Atsuki Sato, and Shiro Sagisu.

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Though Shin Godzilla was the first đồ sộ be released, Evangelion 3.0+1.0's Japanese title has borne the "Shin" prefix ever since it was unveiled in 2012. The "Shin" portion of the films' Japanese titles is written in katakana, similar đồ sộ a loanword. This has the effect of obscuring its meaning,[4] as shin can be the pronunciation of various words including "new" (新), "true" (真), "god" (神), and "faith" (信). The marketing of the films vì thế not contain much unifying imagery beyond their titles, with each movie's logo styling "シン" in the trademark fonts of their respective franchises.

Toho is a major player in the Shin series, with it and/or one of its subsidiaries (co-)funding three entries, co-producing two, and (co-)distributing three.


Shin Godzilla (2016)

The posters for Shin Godzilla (left) and Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon A Time (right), the first two films of Hideaki Anno's Shin series

Main article: Shin Godzilla.

Shin Godzilla (シン・ゴジラ Shin Gojira) was funded by Toho, who released it on July 29, năm nhâm thìn. It was written and directed by Hideaki Anno, with genre veteran Shinji Higuchi serving as co-director and VFX director. Production of a new Japanese Godzilla film had been announced on December 8, năm trước,[5] with its title revealed on September 23, năm ngoái.[6] The first live-action Godzilla film đồ sộ be produced in nhật bản since 2004's Godzilla Final Wars, it proved massively successful, emerging as the country's second-highest grossing domestic film and third-highest grossing overall film of năm nhâm thìn.[7] Shin Godzilla also topped franchise records, surpassing 1992's Godzilla vs. Mothra as the highest-grossing Japanese Godzilla film of all time[8] and cementing itself as the fifth-highest attended film of the series.[9] Moreover, Shin Godzilla enjoyed virtually unprecedented critical acclaim for a kaiju film, being nominated for and winning numerous prestigious awards, including Picture of the Year, Best Cinematography, Best Art Direction, Best Lighting Direction, Best Sound Recording, and Best Film Editing at the 40th nhật bản Academy Film Prize.[10] The film can be said đồ sộ have established much of the style of subsequent Shin films.

Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon A Time (2021)

Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon A Time, called Shin Evangelion the Movie (シン・エヴァンゲリオン劇場版𝄇 Shin Evangerion Gekijōban) in nhật bản, was funded by khara, who distributed it alongside Toho and Toei on March 8, 2021. The fourth and final entry in the Rebuild of Evangelion series of films, which is itself based on the 1995-1996 anime TV series Neon Genesis Evangelion, Thrice Upon A Time was written, produced, and directed by series creator Hideaki Anno. Though the Rebuild series had been planned as a quadrilogy as early as 2006,[11] various delays postponed its finale đồ sộ 2021, a little over eight years after the third film Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo. Thrice Upon A Time's Japanese title was announced in 2007 as Evangelion New Theatrical Edition: ? but had been changed đồ sộ Shin Evangelion the Movie by 2012,[12] predating Shin Godzilla's use of the "Shin" prefix by close đồ sộ three years. Because of this pattern in titles, Thrice Upon A Time is retroactively considered the second entry of the "Shin series," though it differs significantly from the rest; chiefly, it is not based on a tokusatsu franchise, nor does it feature live action characters. It is also the only one of the films đồ sộ not contain "Shin" in its English title.[note 1]

The posters for Shin Ultraman (left) and Shin Kamen Rider (right), the third and fourth Shin films

Shin Ultraman (2022)

Main article: Shin Ultraman.

Shin Ultraman (シン・ウルトラマン Shin Urutoraman) is the first Shin film đồ sộ be funded by a committee of companies, which included Toho, Tsuburaya Productions, and khara. Also unlike prior entries, the film was not directed by Anno, but rather by Shin Godzilla co-director Shinji Higuchi, though Anno still retained the role of screenwriter. Shin Ultraman was distributed đồ sộ Japanese theaters by Toho on May 13, 2022. Announced on August 1, 2019, the film was initially phối for a summer 2021 release but was delayed due đồ sộ the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shin Kamen Rider (2023)

Shin Kamen Rider (シン・仮面ライダー Shin Kamen Raidā) was also funded by a committee, composed of Toei, TV Asahi, ADK Emotions, khara, Bandai, Dentsu, Horipro, Akatsuki, MBS, The Mainichi Newspapers Co., Toho Entertainment, and GYAO. Written and directed by Hideaki Anno, Toei released it on March 17, 2023. The film was announced as the 50th anniversary Kamen Rider film at a press conference on April 3, 2021.[13]


On February 3, năm nhâm thìn, during post-production on Shin Godzilla, Anno published a proposal for a sequel entitled Shin Godzilla Raids Again (シン・ゴジラの逆襲 Shin Gojira no Gyakushū, lit. "Shin Godzilla's Counterattack") which would be helmed by Higuchi. Intended as a low-cost production for a 2018 release date, the film would adapt and expand upon footage from Shin Godzilla in a manner similar đồ sộ the films of the Toho Champion Festival. Anno submitted a treatment and concept art đồ sộ Toho as a gift, but the project never materialized, with him later declaring the pitch "premature."[14] By mid-2018, Toho's Chief Godzilla Officer Keiji Ota seemed đồ sộ deny the possibility of a so-called "Shin Godzilla 2" in an interview with Nikkei Style, stating that the company was looking đồ sộ create a new shared universe for Godzilla not unlike the Marvel Cinematic Universe rather than vãn cashing in on existing projects.[15]

Anno submitted a proposal đồ sộ Tsuburaya Productions on February 17, 2018, for a film trilogy that would begin in 2020 with Shin Ultraman.[16] It would be followed by a direct sequel titled Shin Ultraman Continued (続・シン・ウルトラマン Zoku Shin Urutoraman), đồ sộ be written, directed, and produced by Anno and released in 2022 or later, and a third film based on the 1967-68 TV series Ultraseven, titled Shin Ultraseven (シン・ウルトラセブン Shin Urutorasebun), with an undecided staff team and release window of 2023 or later.[16] On May 11, 2022, Tsuburaya Productions' parent company the Fields Corporation (presently Tsuburaya Fields Holdings) published its end-of-fiscal-year financial report along with plans for the future. Included in the document was a tentative production lineup, showing two upcoming Ultraman films scheduled for release in 2024-25 and 2026-27.[17] However, as no information is given about these films, it is unclear whether they are related đồ sộ Shin Ultraman or the Shin series. The next month, while speaking at a special 4K screening of select Ultraman episodes, original Ultraman suit actor and Shin Ultraman motion capture actor Bin Furuya commented, "I hope you will watch [Shin Ultraman] five or six times. There may even be talk of something lượt thích a Shin Ultraseven." Furuya added that, if such a film were made, he would want it đồ sộ use tokusatsu instead of CGI, and would want đồ sộ appear in it.[18]

During a press conference on April 9, 2023, Anno revealed that he had intentionally left the door open for a Shin Kamen Rider sequel, and was prepared đồ sộ make one should Toei request it of him. He elaborated that he had already been planning a sequel at the same time he wrote Shin Kamen Rider, naming it Shin Kamen Rider: Masker World (シン・仮面ライダー 仮面の世界 (マスカーワールド) Shin Kamen Rider: Masukā Wārudo). The film would feature Kamen Rider No. 2+1 continuing his fight against SHOCKER (which has begun colluding with politicians and bureaucrats), as well as the Japanese government developing an artificial intelligence đồ sộ rival the one created by SHOCKER.[19]

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Godzilla vs. Evangelion

Main article: Godzilla vs. Evangelion.

Toho announced the production of a movie entitled Godzilla vs. Evangelion (ゴジラ対エヴァンゲリオン Gojira tai Evangerion) on April Fools' Day of năm nhâm thìn.[20] In actuality, it was revealed đồ sộ be a merchandising collaboration đồ sộ promote the upcoming Shin Godzilla.[21] In the ensuing months, a wide range of memorabilia and promotions were launched, including figures, a symphonic album by Shin Godzilla composer Shiro Sagisu, collaborations with the mobile games Monster Strike and Super Robot Wars X-Ω, and more.

Shin nhật bản Heroes Universe

SJHU logo.png

The Shin nhật bản Heroes Universe (シン・ジャパン・ヒーローズ・ユニバース Shin nhật bản Hīrōzu Yunibāsu, abbr. S.J.H.U.) is a collaborative project launched by Toho, khara, Tsuburaya Productions, and Toei.[22] Announced on February 13, 2022,[23] a trang web was launched the same day[24] with key art illustrated by Shin Godzilla designer Mahiro Maeda and a brand emblem designed by Super Sentai and Shin Kamen Rider artist Yutaka Izubuchi.[22] Crossing over the starring characters from the four Shin films, various events and merchandise have been launched as part of the project.

Shin nhật bản Heroes Amusement World

On May 17, 2022, the first collaboration of the four universes was revealed, known as the Shin nhật bản Heroes Amusement World. Events were held across three Bandai Namco stores throughout Japan: Yokohama's Bandai Namco Cross Store in July, Osaka's Umeda HEP FIVE in September, and Fukuoka's Bandai Namco Cross Store Hakata in November.[25] In Operation Shin 765, players embodied a Global Unknown Event Keepers agent who must protect the planet from Godzilla, Ultra Series kaiju, Angels, and SHOCKER. Operation đồ sộ Repel Kaiju No. 8 was Shin Ultraman-themed and had players formulating a plan đồ sộ defeat a newly-emerged kaiju. Shin Ultra Roulette allowed players đồ sộ win Shin Ultraman prizes. Two VR attractions were included as well, with players pursuing Godzilla in a helicopter in the first and piloting an Eva unit in the second.

Other media


  • Release Commemoration Special Broadcast: Movie "Shin Kamen Rider" Premise / Act 1 Kumo Augment-01 (2023)
  • S.J.H.U. Project: Shin Universe Robo promotional đoạn Clip (2023)

Television/web series

  • Crayon Shin-chan episode 901B (TV 2016)
  • Shin Ultra Fight (web 2022)
  • Crayon Shin-chan episode 1,173C (TV 2023)


  • Godzilla: The Real 4-D (2017)
  • Godzilla vs. Evangelion: The Real 4-D (2019)
  • Godzilla Interception Operation Awaji (2020)
  • Operation Shin 765 (2022)
  • Operation đồ sộ Repel Kaiju No. 8 (2022)
  • Shin Ultra Roulette (2022)
  • Real Escape trò chơi x Shin Kamen Rider (2023)


  • The Art of Shin Godzilla (2016)
  • Shin Godzilla Walker: The New Legend of the King of the Monsters (2016)
  • Historiae Monstrum (2017)
  • Shin Godzilla Modeling Archives (2017)
  • Shin Godzilla Generation (2017)
  • Shin Godzilla Government and Defense Force Situation Response Research (2017)
  • Shin Godzilla Walker: Perfect Form (2017)
  • Shin Ultraman Design Works (2022)
  • Shin Ultraman Millennials BOOK (2022)
  • Groundwork of Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time #01 (2022)
  • Groundwork of Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time #02 (2022)
  • Shin Kamen Rider Design Works (2023)
  • Project Shin Evangelion (2023)

Video games

  • Shin Godzilla Special Demo Content (2016)
  • Shin Arima (2016)
  • Pocoron Dungeons (2016)
  • Eternal Linkage (2018)
  • Godzilla VR (2018)
  • Godzilla Defense Force (2019) - features Godzilla (2016) as a stage quấn and playable card
  • Vivid Army (2020)
  • Godzilla Battle Line (2021) - features various playable Shin characters and S.J.H.U.-based rewards
  • Puzzle & Dragons (2022)
  • Pachinko True King of the Monsters Godzilla 2 (2022)
  • P Godzilla vs. Evangelion: G Cell Awakening (2022)
  • SD Shin Kamen Rider Rumble (2023)
  • LINE POP2 (2018) - collaboration with Shin Kamen Rider in 2023
  • Taiko no Tatsujin: Rhythm Festival (2023)


  • Bandai building

  • Statues of Shin Ultraman, Shin Godzilla and Shin Kamen Rider at the Hideaki Anno Exhibition

    Statues of Shin Ultraman, Shin Godzilla and Shin Kamen Rider at the Hideaki Anno Exhibition



  • Another movie called "Shin Kamen Rider" in nhật bản was produced by Toei in 1992. However, the shin portion of its title was written with the kanji for "true" (真) and it is officially translated either True Masked Rider: Prologue[26] or Masked Rider Shin.[27]
  • When Hideaki Anno remastered his Complete Thunderbirds compilation film in HD in 2021, the project was marketed under the name Shin Complete Thunderbirds.[28]
  • In order đồ sộ capitalize on the success of Shin Godzilla, Amazing D.C. released the năm nhâm thìn American film Atomic Shark đồ sộ Japanese trang chủ đoạn Clip as Sin Jaws (シン・ジョーズ Shin Jōzu) in 2017.
    • The 2020 Chinese film Land Shark also received a release in nhật bản under the name Shin Jaws: Birth of the Strongest Creature (シン・ジョーズ 最強生物の誕生 Shin Jōzu Saikyō Seibutsu no Tanjō) in 2021.


  1. Shin Godzilla was initially marketed as Godzilla Resurgence internationally, but was released in North America by Funimation under a translation of its Japanese title. It has since come đồ sộ be known as "Shin Godzilla" in virtually all English-speaking regions.


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