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Phum Viphurit

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วิภูริศ ศิรินทิพย์ (ภูมิ)

Phum at VERY TV Thailand

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Background information
Also known asPhum
BornAugust 16, 1995 (age 28)
Bangkok, Thailand
GenresIndie folk, neo soul
Occupation(s)Singer, composer, musician
Instrument(s)Vocal, drums, guitar
Years active2014–present
LabelsRats Records

Viphurit Siritip (Thai: วิภูริศ ศิริทิพย์, born 1995), known by his nickname Phum (ภูมิ), is a Thai singer-songwriter. He achieved international fame in 2018 from his single "Lover Boy". His music demonstrates influences of various genres, especially neo soul.[1][2]


Viphurit was born in Bangkok, Thailand. His father is an architect, while his mother is a graphic designer. Viphurit moved to tướng Hamilton, New Zealand when he was 9. While in New Zealand, he got his first instrument; a drum which he had desired to tướng have since he was little. However, Viphurit was forced to tướng stop playing the drums and turned to tướng guitar since the drum sound was said to tướng be disturbing the neighbours.[3] Viphurit moved back to tướng Thailand when he was 18 to tướng study at Mahidol University International College.[4]

In Thailand, Viphurit became known on from his original and cover songs on YouTube, and signed to tướng indie label Rats Records. He released his debut album Manchild in 2017. His following two singles, "Long Gone" and "Lover Boy", earned him international recognition as their music videos spread online. He toured internationally in 2018, performing in Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, nhật bản, Poland, Germany, England, France, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands, the United States, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore.[1] He released the single "Hello Anxiety" in 2019 and toured the United States a second time.[5]


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