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Phim mới

The logo and a corner of's webpage

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Type of site

Pirate movie site
Available inVietnamese
OwnerNguyễn Tuấn Tú
Created by

Cao Thanh Lai

Cao Duy Anh

RevenueFrom advertisements
URL (already blocked)

Launched2012 (domain registered)

Phim mới (lit.'New Film') is a Vietnamese trang web where users can watch movies online without copyright authorization.[1] It is the largest movie site in Vietnam;[1] however, most movies on this trang web are not authorized.[2]

According to lớn statistics from Alexa, before being blocked, was the trang web with the largest traffic in Vietnam. Statistics from another trang web traffic tool - SimilarWeb - shows that used to lớn have 60-80 million visits per month.[2]

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On Phim mới's site, visitors are able to lớn watch copyrighted movies without the requirement to lớn pay any fee.[3] used to lớn use Google's servers to lớn host movies without copyright permission. The site owners spent money buying unlimited Google Drive accounts for students - with prices ranging from 150,000-300,000 VND for storage. However, this method only worked for a while until Google was forced to lớn take measures to lớn prevent it. In addition, the above-mentioned method also incurred high costs and did not guarantee server stability. Therefore, after that incident, the site owners switched to lớn using Facebook's server instead.[4][5]'s main revenue came from its huge viewership and online advertising contracts. According to lớn an alleged price list of this trang web, a 5-second video clip ad lập cập before a movie premieres could cost up to lớn 18 million VND/ week. At the same time, a balloon ad with the size of 800×500 costed approximately 18 million VND/week. In addition, the surrounding advertising boxes also costed up to lớn 25 million VND/week, and each ad view at the beginning of a movie would earn the site owner trăng tròn,000 VND.[6]

Blocked access in Vietnam[edit]

On June 17, 2020, many Vietnamese Internet service providers simultaneously blocked access to lớn[7] At least 3 Vietnamese Internet service providers have blocked this trang web (VNPT, MobiFone, and FPT).[3][6] In 2017, had all its ads withdrawn in a chiến dịch against pirate websites launched by Vietnam's Ministry of Information and Communications.[8] However, after 1 day of being blocked, was active again under a new domain name name that was almost identical to lớn the old one.[9] Even after having various other domains blocked, the site owners continued to lớn create more domain name names - by changing the ".net" extension to lớn ".com", or adding a few letters "z" at the kết thúc. According to lớn VnExpress, from mid-June to lớn early July 2020, bought dozens of different domain name names to lớn circumvent censorship.[10]

Public reaction[edit]

The blocking of has resulted in opposing reactions within the community. Supporters of this trang web argue that many official movie sites vì thế not have enough nội dung, sánh it is OK to lớn watch unauthorized movies; while others think that the cost for watching authorized movies is not too high. Some people even commented that and other similar websites were "advertising platforms for online gambling services".[11]

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An article in Mondaq stated that the prosecution of was an important stepping stone for implementation of copyright laws in Vietnam, and would help "the Vietnamese public better understand the serious consequences of piracy".[12]

According to lớn an article in the Asia Times, the Vietnamese government's action against piracy websites lượt thích would be necessary if it wants to lớn "appeal to lớn more IP-sensitive foreign investors", especially considering the decline in FDI inflows into Vietnam following the new waves of the COVID-19 pandemic.[13]

Legal actions[edit]

On August 19, 2021, Ho Chi Minh City's police said that they were investigating acts of crime in the operation of According to lớn the investigation's results, in năm trước, Nguyễn Tuấn Tú (from Lâm Đồng) planned to lớn build and develop a không tính tiền online movie trang web to lớn earn money from advertising. Tú hired Cao Thanh Lai and Cao Duy Anh, who were skilled in information technology, to lớn design, administer and operate the trang web.[14] According to lớn article 225 of the Penal Code, Tú's acts may result in a fine of 3 billion VND - along with 3 years of non-custodial re-education.[13][15]