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Story 10

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Acting/Cast 10

Music 8.0

Rewatch Value 5.0

Episode 1 shows that one can not judge a person not unless you have walked in his/her shoes. And this specific episode, took it in the literal sense which made them both appreciate the sacrifices they had to tát make just for the other.

Episode 2 shows that you should not wait for a potential rival to tát profess your love to tát someone. If you feel it, say it, show it and be true to tát what you feel.

Episode 3 shows that it is not good to tát test your partner specially if you are not ready to tát accept the result or you might regret it.

Episode 4 shows that being "in" a relationship is not always enough. You need to tát spend time together, experience things together and vì thế not take your partner for granted.

Episode 5 solidifies the concept of if it is meant to tát be, it will happen and will over up together. To stop worrying and be with the person you hold close to tát your heart every waking moment because who knows, you might wake up without your partner by your side.

It is nice for GMMTV's approach about this special. They made it in a way that it is can stand alone with little reference to tát the series where their respective relationship started for Episode 1-4. And I am not really surprise that they did an extensive flashback on Episode 5. After all, among the 5 series here, it is SOTUS that is most successful, beloved and widely recognize.

However, for episodes 1-4, one can appreciate the story even more if they have watched what each couple went through. What they went through and it feels that their pairing will over in this. For episode 5, it was a clever move so sánh viewers who lượt thích to tát rewatch SOTUS, or watch it for the first time. I know it moved u to tát watch it again. GMMTV made it in a way to tát tease the viewer.

I have this sense of accomplishment, a closure if I may say so sánh, as far as their respective relationships is concern and it is hard to tát see if it is going to tát anything else other kêu ca how each episode ended. What I am trying to tát say, it is the over of the road for their relationships as it ended happily. Except of course for Pete and Kao as they will renew their respective roles in Dark Blue Kiss.

Episode 1:
Off - I have always seen him as the goofy not serious, the clown of the gang. So when he played the role as Rome, it was nothing short of my expectations. He transitioned quite seamlessly.

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Gun - I must admit, Gun have his work cut out for him. Knowing in the series I have seen him, Puppy Honey and The Gifted, I see him as the serious type guy and taking on a role as Pick will be hard for him as it demands to tát be more relaxed, not up-tight, joyful and full of confidence. In his episode, I felt that there was some instances that he needs to tát loosen up a bit but did not quite fulfill my expectations.

Episode 2:
Chimon - Seen how he improved his acting from My Dear Loser to tát The Gifted, which is the opposite ends of the spectrum. As Sun, he is the reserved, shy, ever polite kid, weak and vulnerable. And as Wave, he is the determined, confident and projects an antagonist aura quite well. And his role as the young Pana in Happy Birthday, which I see him as the loyal friend where you could actually seem him happy. I knew then that he is a versatile actor that can take any role that is given to tát him. He played Sun in this special with confidence, stares at In is believeable, retains his sweet and vulnerability and his happy smile is quite genuine too.

Pluem - Started as In in My Dear Loser, one can easily see that he can be bossy and the next, a defender of the weak. Playing as Tonmai in Happy Birthday, I saw him cries quite well too as it shows that he can be vulnerable. As he reprise his role in this special, the character needs to tát be with a degree of assertiveness and at the same time scared. Nothing to tát say other kêu ca praises for his acting here.

Episode 3:
Frank - The biggest improvement among the 10 main characters here as he was able to tát show that he is more relaxed, can respond appropriately, receptive of Frank's sweetness. Unlike in My Tee/Cause Your My Boy, you can clearly see him thinking what to tát say or act next; not to tát mention when Frank kisses him, it was a stiff reaction for u.

Drake - I have always seen this guy as the bold/daring one. A big transition from his role in Slam Dance to tát My Tee/Cause Your My Boy. In this special he is more affectionate towards Frank and more natural and not forced.

I could see these two to tát be in a Romantic-Comedy theme series. And they can definitely pull it off.

Episode 4:
New - In all the series I watched with him in it (SOTUS, Water Boyy the series and Kiss Me Again), you can tell that he is good being as the underdog, can be easily quấn around, unsure of himself. Meanwhile, as he renew his role as Kao, you can see him as the puppet master, pulling the strings, bossing Pete around is nothing but extraordinary. Beyond that innocent and sweet face, he was able to tát project that role quite amazingly.

Tay - who said a quấn can't be a follower? Tay showed his vulnerability side in the episode. Like a dog following his master, or should I say, the love of his life. And was able to tát showcase more of his playful side and not just the up-tight guy.

Episode 5:
This is the episode where I expect for Singto and Krist to tát be consistent with their acting. And they are! Plus, I see Krist being more comfortable with Singto and his affection towards Singto is much more natural. And did I say he cried better?

Two songs... First Kiss from Episode 3 and the flashback in Episode 5. Brings back memories! Unfortunately for Ep 1, 2 and 4, there is no tuy vậy that stood out for u.

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If you miss the sweetness of one of the couples, you would actually re-watch this. But I have this lingering feeling that only Tee and Mork would have a future series, after all, My Tee/Cause Your My Boy was excellent at the beginning but somehow loses it direction in the middle.

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