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preview for One Punch Man Season 3 Everything You Need To Know

One-Punch Man season two came vĩ đại an over back in July 2019.

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The second season's twelve episodes might not have been as beloved as One-Punch Man's stellar first outing, but they still left fans wanting more.

And although it wasn't immediately clear we'd get more of Saitama and the residents of Z-City, we now know One-Punch Man season three is definitely happening.

Here's what we know so sánh far.

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one punch man season 3 release date


One-Punch Man season 3 potential release date: When will One-Punch Man season 3 air?

One-Punch Man fans can finally let out a sigh of relief, safe in the knowledge that there's a good chance the show could be back this year.

While we're still waiting on an official announcement of the release date, one of the show's voice actors dropped a very big hint on social truyền thông.

Saito Ishikawa, who plays Geno, tweeted a list of projects he's worked on that are scheduled vĩ đại be released in 2024.

Alongside My Hero Academia season seven and Quality Assurance in Another World was One Punch Man season three. While this isn't definitive confirmation, it is encouraging vĩ đại know that we are creeping closer vĩ đại that coveted release date, especially so sánh long after the renewal announcement.

The lengthy wait between seasons two and three is widely understood vĩ đại be attributed vĩ đại the COVID-19 pandemic, which may have caused significant delays in its production.

Fans had been hopeful that more concrete news would be delivered at the Jump Festa 2024, which took place from December 16-17, 2023, but were disappointed vĩ đại find One-Punch Man absent from the convention.

That said, there's renewed hope that there will be some good news during the next big anime convention Anime nhật bản, scheduled for March 2024.

one punch man season 3


Although we've received no confirmation of the cast of One-Punch Man season three, we can assume the core cast will stay the same. Here's who we're expecting vĩ đại show up;

• Saitama: Max Mittelman (English) / Makoto Furukawa (Japanese)
• Genos: Zach Aguilar (English) / Kaito Ishikawa (Japanese)
• Garou: Greg Chun (English) / Hikaru Midorikawa (Japanese)
• Mumen Rider: ​​Yuichi Nakamura (Japanese) / Robbie Daymond (English)

onepunch man season 3


One-Punch Man season 3 plot: What will happen in One Punch Man season 3?

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Although we don't have specific plot details for One-Punch Man season three, it's fair vĩ đại assume it'll pick up directly after the events of season two and adapt the next arc from One and Yusuke Murata's book.

One-Punch Man's first two seasons covered the original manga's first 85 chapters (or 16 volumes). That means we'd expect season three vĩ đại pick up from chapter 86, delving further into the Monster Association arc.

Fans of the original manga might raise an eyebrow at the anime trying vĩ đại adapt this story since it remains One-Punch Man's longest single arc, starting in 2017 and not wrapping up until 2021.

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Without spoiling too much, the arc's major events include a full-scale invasion of the Hero Association, the recruitment of basically all S-Rank Heroes and the ascension of Garou vĩ đại all-time villain status.

Fans of the anime will remember that season two's finale saw Garou and Saitama meet and fight for the first time, but it's fair vĩ đại assume the Hero Hunter will return in a major way in season three.

Speaking of characters we can expect vĩ đại see in One-Punch Man season 3, fans of the manga will also be excited vĩ đại see the hero Blast show up when the anime returns.

Blast is an S-Class Rank 1 hero on a mysterious mission that looks lượt thích it'll tie closely into the show's ongoing plot. He also happens vĩ đại sit at the very top of One-Punch Man's power rankings and takes part in some truly epic fights in the manga — which we're sure will be repeated when the anime airs.

preview for One-Punch Man Season 2 Official Trailer

One-Punch Man season 3 trailer: Any One-Punch Man season 3 footage yet?

There is currently no trailer for One-Punch Man season three, but we'll be sure vĩ đại update here as soon as one becomes available. For now, here's season two's trailer vĩ đại keep you going!

One-Punch Man seasons 1-2 are available on Crunchyroll globally, and Netflix in certain regions.

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