one piece chap 1085

Chapter 1085 is titled "The Death of Nefertari Cobra".

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Cover Page Request: "Franky rooting on sea turtle hatchlings as they crawl đồ sộ the water" by PN Ringoyama.

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Short Summary[]

As Cobra is stunned by Imu's appearance as Imu reveals about the significance of the Will of D. and the spreading of the Poneglyphs across the world and the actions that have occurred since then due đồ sộ Lili's actions. Knowing they will not let him live, Cobra reveals Lili's full name as "Nefertari D. Lili". Sabo attempts đồ sộ intervene đồ sộ save Cobra from Imu and the Five Elders, but due đồ sộ being overpowered he is forced đồ sộ flee alone, but not before Cobra tells him his final request.

However, Wapol had witnessed this knowing his life is in danger and runs away. As the Levely is coming đồ sộ an kết thúc, Vivi is being held captive by CP0. That is when Wapol bursts through wall allowing Vivi đồ sộ escape by jumping into Wapol's mouth.

Long Summary[]

Imu says đồ sộ a speechless Cobra that they have two things they wish đồ sộ say đồ sộ Cobra and only one thing đồ sộ ask of him. Hearing Imu's name, Cobra comments how similar it is đồ sộ one of the First Twenty. Imu, however, refuses đồ sộ confirm his suspicions.

Imu tells Cobra that “D.” is the name of their opposers, but none of the people in the world that bear it know of its importance nowadays. Imu says that this recent development's roots goes way back then, which they say is because of a mistake Nefertari Lili made 800 years ago, on par with the scholars of Ohara investigating the Void Century. Imu says that it was all Lili’s fault the Poneglyphs were unleashed onto the world, and why pirates use them đồ sộ tìm kiếm for treasure. Because Imu considers the release of the Poneglyphs the “worst possible outcome” for the First Twenty, they wonder if it was all part of some larger plan. As the Five Elders ready their weapons, Imu tells him that the truth exists in the letter Lili left, and they tell Cobra đồ sộ address Lili by her full name as written on said letter. Realizing he will not leave the room alive, Cobra announces that Lili’s name is “Nefertari D. Lili”. In an instant, Imu stabs Cobra with what seems đồ sộ be an arrow-shaped tail.

Just then, Sabo appears, having been eavesdropping on the conversation, and attacks the Five Elders with Hiken and follows up with Otebisha, but his attack is blocked by the Imu, having all transformed into large creatures. Sabo laments his inability đồ sộ destroy all of them as a picture of him is taken standing above Cobra, which would be published in the papers. Cobra calls Sabo Luffy's brother and asks why he saved him, and Sabo replies that the Revolutionary Army's conflict is with the corrupt World Nobles. When Sabo asks how Cobra knows Luffy, he informs him that he helped him in the past. Imu and the Five Elders try đồ sộ attack, sánh Sabo starts fleeing with Cobra, but he tells him đồ sộ leave him behind. Sabo refuses, but Cobra explains he needs đồ sộ be able đồ sộ escape if he is đồ sộ deliver a message đồ sộ Luffy and Vivi. The message is that the Nefertari Family shares the moniker “D.”, and he knows what path Arabasta must take now.

A shocked Sabo thinks back đồ sộ his childhood, and when he learned that both Luffy and Ace had “D.” in their names. He gets pulled out of his thoughts when Imu attacks Cobra again and Sabo, injuring both and forcing the latter đồ sộ drop the former. As Cobra forces himself on his feet, he recites the words of Lili’s letter as Imu finally kills him, much đồ sộ Sabo’s horror; Cobra's last wish was for Sabo đồ sộ relay what he saw and live on. Sabo eventually escapes, but the Five Elder’s attention is turned đồ sộ another eavesdropper, which turns out đồ sộ be Wapol. Though he hated Cobra, he was absolutely horrified that he was murdered by what he considers the World Government's biggest skeleton in the closet. Wracked with fear, Wapol books it for his life.

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Meanwhile, in the Grand Round Table, the kings are told that Cobra and Wapol will not be joining them, which some think is because Cobra exhausted himself giving his speech about abolishing the Seven Warlords of the Sea. As they move đồ sộ the next topic, Shirahoshi's brothers decide đồ sộ take her đồ sộ the Red Port sánh they bởi not have đồ sộ giảm giá khuyến mãi with anymore World Nobles, though Shirahoshi was sad she could not say goodbye đồ sộ Vivi. Speaking of, Vivi ends up restrained by CP0, who she demands they let her không tính phí. Kalifa, who was watching over her, informs her that when her disappearance is made known, she’ll be living the rest of her life as a pet.

Vivi asks if Shirahoshi is okay, and Kalifa informs her that she emerged from her ordeal unscathed, much đồ sộ Vivi’s relief. Jabra, who was also watching her, claims that the ones who attacked Saint Charlos, Leo and Sai, proudly proclaimed themselves as members of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. He also reveals that Fujitora ended up helping several slaves escape, which angered Ryokugyu sánh much that they started going at it.

As Vivi ponders what đồ sộ bởi, Wapol crashes through the wall begging đồ sộ be spared, and Vivi takes the opportunity đồ sộ escape by jumping into his mouth. The CP0 agents were left stunned by Wapol’s sudden action and eventually realize that Vivi had gotten away from them. As he runs, Vivi asks him how long he plans on running, and he says he will run rẩy đồ sộ the edge of the world if he has đồ sộ. The both of them then cross paths with Kinderella, who comes đồ sộ believe that Wapol is eloping with Vivi.

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Chapter Notes[]

  • Imu starts talking đồ sộ King Cobra.
    • Cobra recognizes Imu's name and associates it with the First Twenty, but Imu tells Cobra đồ sộ not pry any further on that matter.
    • Imu answers Cobra's question about the Will of D..
      • Imu states that the ancient enemies of the World Government once carried the moniker of "D".
    • According đồ sộ Imu, Nefertari Lili committed a "mistake" that allowed the Poneglyphs đồ sộ be scattered around the world, but they are suspicious that this was actually intentional on her part.
    • The Five Elders pull out their weapons with the intent of assassinating Cobra due đồ sộ him having witnessed Imu's existence.
  • Cobra reveals that Nefertari Lili's name was in truth Nefertari "D." Lili.
    • Cobra is pierced in the stomach by an arrow-like appendage.
  • Sabo shows up and attacks Imu and the Five Elders with his flames, but the attack is rendered ineffective by Imu.
    • A visual Den Den Mushi photographs Sabo at the exact moment he is standing next đồ sộ the fallen Cobra, explaining the incriminating picture used by the World Economy News Paper.
  • Imu and the Five Elders are capable of transforming themselves into unidentified, silhouetted massive creatures.
  • Sabo picks up and tries đồ sộ escape with Cobra, learning about his connection with Luffy.
    • Cobra's final request đồ sộ Sabo is for him đồ sộ find and inform Luffy and Vivi that the Nefertari Family also bears the Will of D..
    • Sabo recounts a conversation he had in his childhood with Luffy and Ace about the Will of D..
    • Sabo is struck down by one of the transformed Five Elders, prompting Cobra đồ sộ sacrifice himself and allow the revolutionary đồ sộ escape.
    • Cobra recites the contents of Lili's letter đồ sộ Sabo before dying.
  • Wapol witnesses Cobra's actual murder from a peephole and gets noticed by one of the Five Elders.
    • Wapol attempts đồ sộ run rẩy away by munching his way through the Pangaea Castle.
  • The participants of the Levely were informed of Cobra and Wapol's absences and proceeded as normal.
  • Fujitora let many of the slaves freed by the Revolutionary Army escape, leading đồ sộ a fight between him and Ryokugyu.
  • Vivi was caught and tied up by CP0 at some point, being kept in a room somewhere in the castle.
    • Wapol bursts into said room, giving Vivi a chance đồ sộ escape CP0 by jumping into his mouth.


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Author Comment

I talked properly with Akutami-san for the first time at the Tezuka Prize selection committee. A respectable​ person! A person of character!!


—Eiichiro Oda
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