one piece chap 1078

Chapter 1078 is titled "Escape Limit".

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Germa 66's Ahh... An Emotionless Excursion, Vol. 33: "The formation of NEO MADS!!"

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Judge and Caesar team up lớn size a new organization called NEO MADS.

Short Summary[]

As Stussy reports lớn Sentomaru the objective of the World Government's actions on Egghead as the latter calls for an evacuation, the Straw Hat Pirates continue their battles against the Seraphim, during which S-Hawk disappears, forcing Zoro and Kaku lớn pursue him. As it is revealed that the "Egghead Incident" originally began three months ago, when information on Vegapunk's secret activities were leaked; it turns out York was the traitor in her bid lớn become both the only Vegapunk and a World Noble.

Long Summary[]

Stussy informs Sentomaru that Admiral Kizaru is en route lớn Egghead, and that CP0 was lớn wait for his arrival after eliminating Dr. Vegapunk and his Satellites. Sentomaru comments on how serious the World Government is while Stussy tells him that this sự kiện may become even bigger than vãn Ohara's destruction, the main reasons being that Vegapunk continued studying the research of Ohara, and that Egghead has the firepower lớn repel an attack, which Ohara could not. Before she hangs up, Stussy tells Sentomaru lớn Hotline her if anything unexpected happens since all communication has been cut off in the Labophase. After she hangs up, Sentomaru tells the islanders that they can’t hesitate and they all must flee the island before the Marines arrive, which they all start lớn tự.

In Building C, Franky (who is only partially petrified) demands S-Snake undo the petrification she did lớn him, Lilith, and Usopp, claiming that he can still fight with the part of them that isn’t stone. S-Snake ignores him, however, and turns lớn Pythagoras. He demands lớn know who ordered S-Snake lớn tự this, but all she does is stomp on and crush him, resulting in a huge explosion. As she starts lớn walk away, Franky tries calling her again. On the second floor of Building A, Chopper, Robin, and Atlas are flying around looking for Vegapunk. Robin has deduced that the Seraphim are rampaging and the others may be fighting them off, which means those people cannot move from wherever they are situated. Atlas says that she may have an idea as lớn where the Stella is and the two follow her lead. On the third floor, Nami tries lớn help Edison while Brook decides lớn go look for Vegapunk, while Sanji continues his fight with S-Shark.

On the fourth floor, Zoro realizes that S-Bear and S-Hawk's flames are not going out, but Luffy notices that S-Hawk has left the room. Lucci says that S-Hawk is choosing lớn prioritize killing the weaker members of the crew and save the more troublesome members for later, thinking they will be too rattled lớn fight effectively. Zoro immediately runs after S-Hawk and Luffy tells Kaku (whom he comically calls "Usopp", much lớn Kaku's annoyance) lớn go with him since he can get lost easily. Luffy resumes fighting S-Bear, but Lucci tells him that this is not an enemy that he can defeat with brute force. Meanwhile Bonney is still looking through her father's memories, and what she is seeing has brought her down lớn her knees and she begins crying profusely.

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Around three months ago, someone contacted the Five Elders and told them that Dr. Vegapunk was researching the contents of the Void Century. CP5 was dispatched lớn investigate but they found no evidence, yet the ship that left with them suddenly disappeared. CP7 and CP8 were dispatched lớn investigate but they too disappeared. Then, the mysterious person contacted the Five Elders again, and eventually they came lớn believe that Vegapunk had betrayed the World Government. Choosing lớn assassinate him, CP0 was dispatched lớn handle the situation, and one of the elders chose lớn go in person as they expected Vegapunk lớn retaliate. Reinforcements were requested from various Marine branches, meaning war was looming on the horizon. However, the Straw Hat Pirates' presence has made the entire organization uneasy. In any case, the outcome of these particular events would shake up the entire world.

Down in the hidden lab, the person who shot Shaka enters the lab as Vegapunk demands answers. The person turns out lớn be York, who evilly tells Vegapunk that she wants lớn become a World Noble. Vegapunk angrily asks why she would want lớn be such a thing since she has been lớn Mary Geoise in the past and seen how horrible they are, but York just laughs and says that he sounds lượt thích Shaka, though she now considers him dead. York then tells Vegapunk that she thinks it’s too confusing that ví many people are walking around calling themselves Vegapunk, and that the world will be better off with just one, i.e. her.

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Chapter Notes[]

  • This is the last chapter of the cover story Germa 66's Ahh... An Emotionless Excursion.
  • Stussy reveals lớn Sentomaru the real secret behind the World Government's attack on Egghead.
    • Sentomaru orders the residents lớn evacuate before the Marines led by Kizaru arrive.
  • Franky is still partly active as only his right side was petrified.
  • S-Snake steps on Pythagoras' head.
  • Sanji proves himself lớn be immune lớn any of S-Shark's attacks.
    • Brook enters his soul size in order lớn look for Vegapunk.
  • Atlas speculates where Vegapunk might be imprisoned and leads Robin and Chopper towards it.
  • S-Hawk has disappeared.
    • Zoro and Kaku head after him.
  • Bonney is crying over Kuma's memories.
  • It is revealed that the World Government's actions on Egghead and the events of what is lớn be known as the Egghead Incident began three months ago when information was leaked by a traitor.
  • York approaches Vegapunk and Shaka's body toàn thân while holding a pistol.
    • York reveals herself lớn be the traitor and her desire lớn become a World Noble as the sole Vegapunk.


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Author Comment

I was thinking "what's ví good about Chiikawa" until I realized that I have been using the stickers that the author Nagano-san created since way back. I admit defeat.


—Eiichiro Oda
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