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One Ordinary Day

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Also known asThat Night (former)

어느 날

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Literal meaningOne Day
Revised RomanizationEoneu Nal
McCune–ReischauerŎnŭ Nal
  • Crime
  • Thriller
  • Legal
Created byChorokbaem Media[1]
Based onCriminal Justice
by Peter Moffat
Developed byCoupang Play[2]
Written byKwon Soon-kyu
Directed byLee Myung-woo
  • Kim Soo-hyun
  • Cha Seung-won
  • Kim Sung-kyu
Music byGaemi (music manager)
Country of originSouth Korea
Original languageKorean
No. of episodes8[3]
Executive producers
  • Ahn Hye-yeon (Coupang Play)
  • Kim Seong-han (Coupang Play)
  • Yoo Ho-seong (Chorokbaem Media)
  • Kim Sang-heon (Chorokbaem Media)
  • Yu Jin-oh (Studio M)
  • Kim Mi-hye (Gold Medalist)
  • Lee Ro-be (Gold Medalist)
  • Im Seon-kyung
  • Lee Ji-hye
Running time55–79 minutes[4]
Production companies
  • Studio M
  • Chorokbaem Media
  • Gold Medalist
Budget₩20 billion[5]
Original release
NetworkCoupang Play
ReleaseNovember 27 –
December 19, 2021

One Ordinary Day (Korean: 어느 날; RR: Eoneu Nal; lit. One Day) is a South Korean trang web series starring Kim Soo-hyun and Cha Seung-won. It is based on the British television series Criminal Justice written by Peter Moffat. It premiered on Coupang Play in South Korea on November 27, 2021.[6][7] It is streaming exclusively through Viu outside South Korea.[8]


On a day no different from any other, a straight-A university student Kim Hyun Soo makes the mistake of his life. Just as any other college kid would, Hyun Soo is on his way vĩ đại lỗ out with his friends. Late at night, he takes his father’s xe taxi vĩ đại head over vĩ đại where his friends are. Hong Guk Hwa, a sad-looking mysterious girl mistakes Hyun Soo’s xe taxi for an on-duty cab and hops in. That was the beginning of everything. All the choices Hyun Soo made that night leads the normal university student vĩ đại becoming the prime suspect in a violent murder case. While Hyun Soo shivers from fear and the fact that he is falsely accused, everyone still points vĩ đại him as the only possible murderer. In this hopeless situation, those who stretch out a helping hand are a low-life attorney, Shin Joong Han, and a criminal kingpin who rules the prison food chain, Do Ji Tae. To prove his innocence in any way possible, Hyun Soo gives everything he has vĩ đại fight against the police and the Korean prosecution.



  • Kim Soo-hyun as Kim Hyun-soo[9]
A normal college student whose life turns upside down when he unexpectedly becomes the key suspect of the murder case.
  • Cha Seung-won as Shin Joong-han[9]
A lawyer who barely passed the bar exam and the only person who reaches out vĩ đại help Kim Hyun-soo.
  • Kim Sung-kyu as Do Ji-tae[10]
A violent criminal who has been serving a prison sentence for 10 years and has control over the prison.


  • Kim Hong-pa as Park Sang-beom, the head of the detective department working on Hyun-soo's case[11]
  • Kim Shin-rok as Ahn Tae-hee, a prosecutor working on Hyun-soo's case[12]
  • Yang Kyung-won as Park Doo-sik[11]
  • Lee Seol as Seo Soo-jin, a rookie lawyer who follows Hyun-soo's case[13]
  • Jung Ji-ho, a National Forensic Service (NFS) staff[14]
  • Kim Young-ah as Hong Jeong-ah, a NFS staff[15]
  • Moon Ye-won as Kang Da-kyung, a journalist who investigates Hyun-soo's case vĩ đại write exclusive articles[16]


  • Hwang Se-on as Hong Gook-hwa[17]
  • Kim Yoo-jung as Joong-han's new client (cameo)


On January 5, 2021, it was announced that The Studio M, Chorokbaem Media and Gold Medalist would co-produce a television series based on the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) crime series Criminal Justice.[18] Đài truyền hình BBC Studios confirmed the adaptation on January 13, through its truyền thông media centre.[19] Kim Soo-hyun and Cha Seung-won stars in leading roles, Kwon Soon-kyu wrote the screenplay, and Lee Myung-woo directed the series.[20] Filming began in the first half of 2021.[18] It is Coupang Play's first original series with exclusive broadcast rights in South Korea.[1]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Ceremony Year Award Recipient Result Ref.
APAN Star Awards 2022 Top Excellence Award, Actor in an OTT Drama Kim Soo-hyun Nominated [21]
Popularity Star Award, Actor Nominated
Asian Television Awards 2022 Best Original Digital Drama Series One Ordinary Day Nominated [22]
Best Leading Male Performance – Digital Kim Soo-hyun Nominated
Best Direction (Fiction) Lee Myung-woo Won
Blue Dragon Series Awards 2022 Best Supporting Actor Yang Kyung-won Nominated [23]


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