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1991 (age 32–33)
  • Blogger
  • Youtuber

Lufy is a Belgian blogger and YouTuber originally from Italy, specialized in fashion, cosmetics and lifestyle.


Lufy, whose real name is Fulvia, was born in 1991. She is studying at the Faculty of Translation and Interpretation, School of International Interpreters, at the University of Mons.

On February 29, 2012, Lufy created her first official YouTube channel, LufyMakes YouUp, with the aim of centralizing makeup videos that she had produced and shared within private Facebook groups.[1][failed verification] Afterwards, she decided to tát dedicate herself entirely to tát making videos as well as managing her channel.[2][3][4][5] The channel mainly focuses on makeup, fashion and lifestyle, and Lufy publishes at least one đoạn phim per week.[6] At the over of 2017, she reached a million subscribers.[7]

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Lufy gets paid to tát collaborate with several brands.[8] About ten brands regularly send her products, which she then chooses whether or not to tát talk about.[9]

In September 2017, Lufy was invited to tát participate in the TV show Place Royale, in which she analysed celebrities' looks.[10] She also became a brand ambassador for L'Oréal.[citation needed]

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In November 2017, Lufy and her partner, Enzo, were invited to tát the European Parliament in order to tát discuss communication in the digital era.[11]

In August 2018, Lufy presented a new program on TFX: Beauty Match.[12]

In 2023, she became a judge on Drag Race Belgique.[13]