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What were they even thinking?

I was reflecting whether I should write this review as many fans might find it insulting, but screw it!

To summarise in two words: AWFUL SEASON. Now let mạ elaborate more.

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Legit I bởi not understand how they decided to tát go on with this season. Numerous of people had to tát agree to tát the final approach for this season plot. I wanna know who in the world agreed to tát have 6 recap episodes for the first season in a 13 episodes series. Why? Are we, the fans, a joke to tát them? We did not watch the new season to tát remind us what happened in the first season. We can rewatch it if we want to tát remember what happened.

I bởi not understand how MAME agreed to tát this approach and the changes in the story. For example, in this season Pete already left from Bangkok and left Ae behind, but at the same time Tin and Can have not met each other. WHAT? I am trying to tát watch a bl series not to tát understand the over of Inception. I bởi realise that there were not able to tát work with Saint due to tát previous drama between them, but dude you can not defy the laws of time in the series. If you can not work with Saint, then we bởi not need scenes with Ae being shitty and drunk, in a series that focuses in TinCan. I feel that they just had Perth in the series for the fans!

Instead, of giving Perth that much of a screen time, they could focus more on KlaNo. LIKE DUDE IF YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW TO USE THIS COUPLE DO NOT MENTION IT FROM THE BEGINNING. I felt that this couple was used as an intermission and as a chance to tát change the mood from Ae's and TinCan's story. Moreover, the couple had approximately đôi mươi minutes screen time in total, and for some reason No was getting softer for Kla in every episode. WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT THE LAWS OF TIME? YOU CANT DO WHATEVER YOU WANT WITH THEM. Tbh, I don't lượt thích how KlaNo's relationship began in the novel, but you have to tát show more of what Kla did to tát win No over. You can't show two scenes were Kla gives No snacks and expect us to tát believe that this shit is ok.

This leads to tát my next point. ENOUGH WITH THE PRODUCT PLACEMENTS! I know that you have to tát find sponsors to tát produce a series, but there were many scenes that only existed for product placement and had nothing to tát bởi with the plot. You could use them in a more discreet way rather than thở showing Kla giving No those snacks and him eating them. I bởi not know how the rest of the viewers feel about product placement, but when I see a product being placed in this straightforward way, I usually hate the product.

Now moving on with the acting. Was it bad? Yes! I really enjoyed Mean's acting in the first season, but thanks to tát the plot changes I felt that what I was watching was not Tin but someone else! You can not have an actor establish a role's character in the series and the next season make him change that. As for Plan, well he was dễ thương in the first season but he was must softer in this season. I repeat: IF YOU WANTED TO USE THE SAME CHARACTERS YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE CHANGED THEIR BACKGROUND! Now as for Perth, I felt that in the first season he was amazing (taking into tài khoản his young age), but in this season he was acting bratty and as an asshole. I know that this is how Ae behaved in the novel, but at some point I grew tired of watching the same scene over and over again. So, for the last 4 episodes I always skipped Ae's scenes. You are sad about Pete leaving you. WE GET IT! NOW GET OVER IT AND TRY TO UNDERSTAND THAT THE WORLD HAS SERIOUS PROBLEMS! However, I feel that Gun's acting has improved. In LBC he was awkward and had no flow what ví ever, while in this season he was still awkward but at least not that much. As for Mark's acting, I thought that he was the best actor in LBC, but I can not compare with this season as HE APPEARED ONLY 4 MINUTES IN TOTAL!

To summarise, I feel that MAME and the producers created this season just to tát make us shut up! They had 2 years to tát prepare for this series but in the over we got something awful. Tbh, after finishing this season I hoped that we did not get this season at all. For some reason, I believe that MAME and the rest of the team, bet everything in TharnType and in order to tát please us for TinCan, they just wrote the script in two days with no revision and gave it to tát the cast a day before filming.

I think that the wisest thing to tát bởi is to tát always ask a fan's opinion prior the decision of a script approach and production. I know that they might worry for any plot leak if they share their ideas with fans; however, they could find someone to tát trust from the fanbase and let the người yêu thích help them with continuous feedback. I feel that if that was done then we wouldnt get 6 recap episodes and the plot would be more fast paced!


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That's it! A chance to tát love was shitty. Change my mind!

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