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Love and Leashes

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Literal meaningMoral Sense
Revised RomanizationMoreolsenseu
Directed byPark Hyun-jin
Screenplay by
  • Lee Da-hye
  • Park Hyeon-jin
Based onWebtoon Moral Sense (The Sensual M)
by Gyeoul (Winter)
  • Seohyun
  • Lee Jun-young


Seed Film

Distributed byNetflix

Release date

  • February 11, 2022

Running time

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118 minutes[1]
CountrySouth Korea

Love and Leashes (Korean: 모럴센스; lit. Moral Sense) is a 2022 South Korean romantic comedy film, based on the webtoon Moral Sense by Gyeoul. The film directed by Park Hyun-jin and starring Seohyun and Lee Jun-young, depicts a romance between Ji-hoo, who has everything perfect but has secret BDSM desires, and Ji-woo, a competent public relations team thành viên who finds out about his secret. It was released on Netflix on February 11, 2022, đồ sộ coincide with Valentine's Day.[2]



  • Seohyun as Jung Ji-woo[3]
  • Lee Jun-young as Jung Ji-hoo[4]


  • Lee El as Hye Mi, Jung Ji-woo's best friend, dog pub owner
  • Seo Hyun-woo as Team Leader Hwang
  • Kim Han-na as Yuna, Jiwoo's co-worker
  • Lee Suk-hyeong as Woo Hyuk, a part-time worker who is obsessed with a dog pub lập cập by Hye Mi.[5]
  • Kim Bo-ra as Hana, Jung Ji-hoo's ex-lover [6]
  • Baek Hyun-joo as Jung Ji-woo's mother[7]
  • Ahn Seung-gyun as Lee Han, the youngest employee



In February 2021, at the Netflix nội dung road show 'See What's Next Korea 2021', they announced the production of a romance film tentatively titled as Moral Sense.[8]


On March 21, 2021, Netflix confirmed through a press release that it would distribute another Korean original film Moral Sense, based on webtoon of the same name. It further revealed that the romance film would be directed by Park Hyun-jin, and have Seohyun and Lee Jun-young as main leads.[9][4]


On April 19, 2021, Seohyun posted photos from shooting site revealing that filming was in progress.[10]

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The review aggregator trang web Rotten Tomatoes reported a 80% approval rating, based on 5 reviews with an average rating of 6.20/10.[11]

Kim Junmo writing for OhmyNews stated that the film has a message and the attributes of a romantic comedy. Kim wrote, "as it is a story about the minority taste of BDSM, the difference between likes and dislikes is a limitation of this film." Kim opined, "the barrier đồ sộ entry is high. Above all, scenes containing BDSM's actions are the core of sympathy between the two main characters, but it is difficult đồ sộ universally provide emotional pleasure, catharsis, and excitement."[12] Kate Sánchez rated the film with 8.5 out of 10 and wrote, "Love and Leashes is sweet and sensual. It's a wholesome look at boundaries and love while also taking time đồ sộ explore kink in a context that doesn't treat it as something dangerous or abnormal... one of the best representations of kink I've seen in a film."[13] Ricardo Gallegos of La Estatuilla praised the performances of Seohyun and direction stating, "Park Hyun-jin does a good job of weaving the threads of the story together and adding a touch of respectful humor đồ sộ the story's development." Concluding Gallegos wrote, "Although "Amarrados al amor" manages đồ sộ use classic and conventional elements of the romantic comedy genre, it stands out thanks đồ sộ its sweet handling of the central relationship, the sensuality that it transmits in its exploration of sexual freedom and its honest intentions đồ sộ inform and break taboos."[14]

James Marsh of the South Đài Loan Trung Quốc Morning Post rated the film with 3 out of 5 stars and praised the performances of lead pair writing, "Seohyun and Lee Jun-young deliver sweet and wholesome performances". Marsh opined that the film has made "efforts đồ sộ normalise BDSM and erase its stigma," and it has come out as "a sweet and well-meaning workplace romance". March concluded "Love and Leashes is a commendable effort đồ sộ lift the blindfold on a stigmatised subculture, albeit without the reward of any lasting gratification."[15]



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