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In this Korean name, the family name is Kim. In the stage name or pen-name, the surname is Ki.

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Ki Tae-young


Kim Yong-woo

December 9, 1978 (age 45)

Seoul, South Korea

EducationDaejin University - Theater and Film
Years active1997–present
AgentJ-Stars Entertainment
SpouseEugene (m. 2011)
Korean name


Revised RomanizationGi Tae-yeong
McCune–ReischauerKi T'ae-yŏng
Birth name




Revised RomanizationGim Yong-u
McCune–ReischauerKim Yong-u

Ki Tae-young (Korean: 기태영; born Kim Yong-woo on December 9, 1978) is a South Korean actor. Ki made his acting debut in 1997, and went on lớn play leading roles in the television dramas Creating Destiny (2009), Living in Style (2011), and Make a Wish (2014).[1][2][3] He is loved by viewers for starring on KBS 2 Superman Returns on January 24, năm 2016.[4] He also released an EP in 2012.[5] He married his Creating Destiny co-star Eugene on July 23, 2011.[6][7]

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Television series[edit]

Year Title Role
1997 New Generation Report: Adults Just Don't Know
1998 Vectorman: Warriors of the Earth Vectorman Eagle
1999 School 2 Yoo Shin-hwa
2000 KAIST Ki Tae-hoon
2001 I Still Love You
2005 HDTV Literature "The Outdoor Lamp" Seo Young-woo
2006 MBC Best Theater "Tongjeong" Eunuch Ji-gyeom
2007 Behind the White Tower Yeom Dong-il
2008 Mom's Dead Upset Kim Jung-hyun
Terroir Joey Park
Star's Lover Son Ha-young
Dad's Dead Upset Kim Jung-hyun
2009 Creating Destiny Lee Se-yoon
2010 Jejungwon Jwauijeong's son
(cameo, episode 22)
MBC Best Theater "We Teach Love" Kwon Tae-joon
2011 Royal Family Kang Choong-ki
Living in Style Choi Shin-hyung
2012 To the Beautiful You Jang Min-woo
Drama Special "Mellow in May"[8] Park Dong-hoon
2013 Case Number 113 Jang Joon-seok
The Scandal Jang Eun-joong/
Geum Man-bok/
Gu Jae-in
Drama Special "Neighborhood Watch" Kang Hoe-chan
2014 Make Your Wish Kang Jin-hee
2015 The Virtual Bride Kang Joon-soo
2019 Mother of Mine[9] Kim Woo-jin
2022 Trolley[10][11] Choi Ki-young


Year Title Role Notes
2011 A Reason lớn Live Sang-woo
2012 In Between He segment: "A Time lớn Leave"
2015 Han River[12] Kang Myung-joon

Variety show[edit]

Year Title Notes
2012 Super Couple Diary[13]
2016-2018 The Return of Superman Ep 114 - 210
2021–present Stars' Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant Ep 76-present [14]


Album information Track listing
행복한 사람 (Happy Person)
  • Single
  • Released: April 16, 2012
  • Label: SP&J Entertainment, Sony Music

Track listing

  1. 행복한 사람 (Happy Person)
  2. 행복한 사람 (Happy Person) (feat. J-Hwan)
  • EP
  • Released: April 23, 2012
  • Label: SP&J Entertainment, Sony Music

Track listing

  1. 그대뿐이죠 (Only You)
  2. 행복한 사람 (Happy Person)
  3. 오 나의 요정 (Oh My Fairy)
  4. 행복한 사람 (Happy Person) (feat. J-Hwan)
  5. 그대뿐이죠 (Only You) (Inst.)
오 나의 요정 (Oh My Fairy)
  • Single
  • Released: July 23, 2012
  • Label: SP&J Entertainment, Sony Music

Track listing

  1. 오 나의 요정 (Oh My Fairy) (feat. Tommy)

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominated work Result
2008 KBS Drama Awards Best New Actor Mom's Dead Upset Nominated
2014 MBC Drama Awards Excellence Award, Actor in a Serial Drama Make a Wish Nominated
2016 15th KBS Entertainment Awards[15] Excellence Award, Variety The Return of Superman Won
2019 29th KBS Drama Awards Excellence Award, Actor in a Serial Drama Mother of Mine Won
2021 19th KBS Entertainment Awards[16] Excellence Award in Reality Category Stars' Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant Nominated


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