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Kang Ji-young

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Kang in 2018

BornJanuary 18, 1994 (age 30)

Paju, Gyeonggi, South Korea

Other namesJY
EducationSungkyunkwan University
  • Actress
  • singer
  • ELRIS Entertainment
Musical career
  • K-pop
  • J-pop
Years active2008–present
  • DSP
  • Sony Japan
Member ofKara
Korean name




Revised RomanizationGang Ji-yeong
McCune–ReischauerKang Chiyŏng

Kang Ji-young (born January 18, 1994), also known as Jiyoung or JY, is a South Korean singer and actress based in nhật bản. She is a thành viên of the South Korean girl group Kara.

Life and career[edit]

Kang Ji-young was born on January 18, 1994,[1] in Paju, South Korea. She is the cousin of the K-pop singer NS Yoon-G.

She attended Bongilcheon Middle School and Muhak Women's High School, graduating from the latter in February 2012.

2008–2014: Kara[edit]

Jiyoung joined the girl group Kara in 2008 along with thành viên Hara, following the departure of former thành viên Kim Sung-hee. She was 14 years old at the time, making her the youngest thành viên of the group.

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Jiyoung was the only Korean female singer to tướng be featured on CDTV Japan's Favorite Female Artist Ranking for 2011, where she was ranked at #21.

On January 15, năm trước, it was announced that she would leave the group once her contract expired in April năm trước to tướng focus on her studies with acting and language skills in London.[2][3][4] In 2022, she rejoined the group for their 15th anniversary promotions.

2014–present: Solo activities as actress and other works[edit]

After leaving Kara, Jiyoung signed with the agency Sweet Power to tướng resume her activities in nhật bản as an actress, using her name in kanji, 知英. She made her first appearance in the 19th Tokyo Girls Collection fashion show in the Saitama Super Arena on September 6.[5]

Jiyoung's first work in nhật bản was the live-action of Hell Teacher Nube, where she played the heroine, Yukime.

In December năm ngoái, Sony Music announced that Jiyoung would debut as a singer under the name of JY. Her first solo single was "The Last Farewell" (最後のサヨナラ, saigo no sayonara), for the OST for the nhật bản NTV drama Higanbana.[6]

On March 18, năm 2016, she released her debut solo EP as JY, Radio, consisting of three tracks. Two of the three tracks were released with music videos.[7][8] "Radio" was written by London-based songwriter and producer MNEK, while Darren Craig directed its music video clip. Radio peaked at #2 on the iTunes Pop Top Song Chart.[9] It was marketed in the US and other parts of Asia in addition to tướng South Korea and nhật bản.[6]

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In February 2022, it is reported that Kang has decided not to tướng renew her contract with KeyEast.[10]

On April 6, 2022, it was announced that Kang signed with ELRIS Entertainment.[11]

In July 2022 Kang released Project solo Lucid Dream[12]


Studio albums[edit]

Extended plays[edit]


As lead artist[edit]

As featured artist[edit]

Other appearances[edit]

Video albums[edit]



Year Title Role
2015 Assassination Classroom Irina Jelavić professional killer, also known as "Bitch-sensei"
Detective Conan: Sunflowers of Inferno Museum Guide (voice)
2016 Assassination Classroom: Graduation Irina Jelavić
Kataomoi Spiral SoYeon
2017 DC Super Heroes vs. Eagle Talon Harley Quinn (voice)[31]
2018 Reon Reon Takanashi
Watashino Jinsei Nanoni Mizuho Kaneshiro
Yaru Onna -She's a Killer- Aiko
2019 Tokyo Ghoul S Itori
And Life Goes On Han Yu-ri
Dosukoi! Sukehira Ayane Sukehira
2021 Love and the Grand Tug-of-war Yeo Ji-hyun[32]

Musical theatre[edit]

Year Title Role Notes
2016 Sweet Charity Charity Hope Valentine Lead role



Year Title Role
2008 The Person Is Coming Gang of school girls, along with Park Gyuri, Jung Nicole and Goo Ha-ra
2011 URAKARA Herself
2012 Koisuru maison ~Rainbow Rose~ Han Yu-ri
2013 KARA The Animation Herself (voice)
2014 Secret Love Park SoYeol
Jigoku Sensei Nube Yukime
Higanbana: Onnatachi no Hanzai File Kaoruko Nagami
2015 Tamiou Erika Murano
2016 Tamiou ~ Aratanaru Inbou
Higanbana: Keishichou Sousa Nanaka Kaoruko Nagami
A Girl & Three Sweethearts Jun Yoshioka
Doctor X 4 Yuka
Mission Commander Gouma Ayaka Sonia
2017 Osaka Kanjousen Part 2 Jihyun
Orphan Black – 7 Genes Sara Aoyama
2019 Ieuruonna No Gyakusyuu Nana Miyadera (cameo)
And Life Goes On Han Yu-ri
2020 Sweet Munchies Kim Ah-jin
2022 Let Me Be Your Knight Nina (Cameo)[33]
2023 Doctor Cha Yu Ji-seon (Cameo)[34][35]

Web series[edit]

Year Title Role
2015 How is the sky over there? Ena
2016 Life is... Yuna
2018 Unmeito deaumadeno issyukan Himeno

Radio shows[edit]

Date Name Note
September 23, 2009 – April 14, 2010 Super Junior's Kiss the Radio (Sukira) Fixed guest DJ with Gyuri
May 5, 2010 - October 3, 2011 MBC "Stop the Boring Time" (ShimShimTaPa (SSTP)) with Gyuri and Shindong


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Year Commercial Notes
2010 Karaya with Goo Ha-ra and Park Gyu-ri
2011 Nature Republic with Goo Ha-ra and Park Gyu-ri
Union Bay Until 2013 with Han Seung-yeon and Lee Min-ki


Year Award Category Work Result
2012 Mnet 20's Choice Awards Upcoming 20's Nominated
2015 87th Drama Academy Award Best Supporting Actress Tamiou Nominated
2016 88th Drama Academy Award Best OST Radio & Saigo No Sayonara Nominated
Supporting Actress Higanbana: Keishichou Sousa Nanaka Nominated
2018 10th Okinawa International Movie Festival Okina Audience Award Reon Won


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