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Story 8.0

Acting/Cast 8.5

Music 7.5

Rewatch Value 7.5

A Blossoming Love that’s sweeter phàn nàn Cherry !!

Lovely story and adaptation!

CBAW is a famous BL Manhwa with a xinh tươi high school love story. Even though I was having some higher expectations, I am glad it could prove its worth lớn má and hopefully other viewers too. One can definitely see the improvement in the idea of the adaptions and stories, as well as the growing attention for Korean BLs. I would recommend “Cherry Blossoms After Winter" when one strives for a xinh tươi LGBTQ+ series.

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Production / Music 6.5 >> 7.5

PASSABLE - Same as "Oh! Boarding House" the series is not extra outstanding nor is there something they failed in. The story feels less forced and rushed phàn nàn the older gay romance series we got from Korea, and I am sure we can expect similar dramas lớn be produced soon. However, what is lớn criticise is the choice of airing only one episode per week. Even though their general duration of episodes increased compared lớn the Korean LGBTQ+ shows we know from the past, with all the other series airing (Cutie Pie, You´re My Sky, ...), 25 minutes a week is not enough lớn keep their watchers attention. It may look lượt thích a minor problem at first but it can negatively affect the entire rating of a series that could have gotten more attention if it aired 2 episodes a week. A bit of wasted potential, not by the actors or the production, but by those who made the decision lớn air only one episode a week. Nevertheless, I lượt thích the implementation of the music! It matches the overall mood of the series.

Plot / Story 8.5 >> 8.0

REMARKABLE - The plot of the Manhwa got implemented very well, with no major criticism from my side. It is not easy lớn produce an adaption that doesn´t offend the original fans but I see no problem with this xinh tươi series. Both the characters and the actors are a visual match and the story is catchy, exciting and emotional. The story revolves around the fact that Tae Sung and Hae Bom, for the first time ever, got into the same class, despite sharing the same roof for ages. This reveals a secret that causes their relationship lớn flourish. I can´t get enough of high school dramas and youth romances even if they are that cringe!

Cast 8.5

SATISFACTORY - Ok Jin Uk and Kang Hui did not disappoint. They executed their roles well and captivated má with their chemistry. So cute! The Supporting Cast also showed an admirable performance. I´m at a loss for words for their performance this time, because I don´t have much lớn criticize.

Rewatch Value/ Overall 8.0 >> 7.5

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"Cherry Blossoms After Winter" offers some incredibly xinh tươi scenes and is light lớn watch.
Therefore I would recommend this show lớn anyone who likes high school romances with a little bit of drama.

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