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Music 8.0

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How To Turn A Crime Into A Romance...Badly

Watching the trailer for this drama, I got serious KinnPorsche vibes which, despite its own issues, I mostly enjoyed. What I imagined was a slightly dark, gritty, adult drama. What I got was a hot mess and not in a good way. Dark yes, but, again, not in a good way, actually very problematic. Not gritty and not adult, but your typical college BL with typical first world problems, an overpacked plot and very little substance. In short, a disappointment.

Let's start with the premise. Everything I read basically said that our two male leads get drunk and have a wild romantic night together. Yeah, not what happened. Yai gets jealous that Mangkorn is evidently vying for the affections of the same woman as him and more successfully at that, and decides to lớn drug and rape him while đoạn phim taping the whole thing in order to lớn ruin him. Its a truly messed up and sadistic plan. The only hitch is that his bodyguard uses the wrong drug, I'm guessing some kind of aphrodisiac instead of the sedative that was intended, and drugs both drinks sánh they over up having sex on tape. Mangkorn takes the memory thẻ and proceeds to lớn use it to lớn threaten Yai several times. And somehow, after all this, after making it quite clear how much they dislike each other, in an incredibly, unrealistically short amount of time, they've fallen madly in love. I understand shorter dramas make it necessary to lớn tốc độ things up, but this is borderline absurd. And this whole mess is portrayed as being hot and sexy when its in fact dangerous and criminal. Neither guy comes off looking good here, they're both morally corrupt characters, but Yai is definitely the worst and his behaviour and what he tried to lớn tự is really never addressed.

But then there's more. Mangkorn, a fifth year architect student, has apparently been in love with Yai since their first year. Besides the fact that absolutely nothing he does or says gives any inkling that he has romantic feelings for Yai prior to lớn their drugged intercourse, he honestly treats him with derision and contempt for the most part, this is the man who is seen routinely hooking up with and casually flirting with women. So maybe he's bisexual? Both men actually since they're both seen with women. That would have been refreshing. But no, it's never addressed, and they both just suddenly stop being attracted to lớn women apparently which goes into the whole "only gay for you trope" which is problematic in and of itself.

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And speaking of women, they seriously did them dirty in this drama. I was sánh excited watching the trailer that it looked lượt thích there was going to lớn be a lesbian couple. I'd never seen that before in a BL sánh I thought that was going to lớn be a really nice addition. Nope, they screwed that up too. You could barely Hotline them a couple. They didn't act lượt thích a couple and they didn't really give off that vibe. It seemed lượt thích production just didn't know what to lớn tự with them and they ended up coming off just as good friends. I'm not blaming the actresses, I actually thought they did pretty well with the scraps they had to lớn work with. Another issue was the way Yai and Mangkorn, though primarily Mangkorn, treated women lượt thích sexual objects, hooking up in back alleys, and showing little respect. That coupled with the way some of the men talked definitely bordered on predatory. Like come on, you have to lớn know that a large part of your audience is women, can you not treat the women in your story with some level of respect? Women in BL dramas are generally underutilized but Thai dramas are the ones that typically go the extra mile of downright disrespect and misogyny, this being one of the worst I've watched recently.

The character development overall felt pretty minimal. Yes, there was some, but when you have characters talking about how much they've changed when they really haven't changed that much, its eye rolling. I know 8 episodes is short, but I was hoping for more. I'm also going to lớn throw in here that the attempts at comedy, mostly with the bodyguards just really fell flat. There were one or two moments that were moderately funny, but I was mostly wondering how two such idiots could possibly be considered bodyguards. If there was ever a legitimate threat on Yai's life, he'd be dead in two seconds flat.

The problems the lead couple faced were equally eye rolling. I mean, talk about first world problems. Okay, not sánh much the arranged marriage, but even that was blown massively out of proportion. I get being nervous talking to lớn your parents, but seriously, the fact that neither of them had the guts to lớn talk to lớn their dads was a little ridiculous and then it turned out to lớn be no big khuyến mãi. And maybe because the whole "I have to lớn go abroad" trope is used sánh frequently, I just really didn't have much sympathy for their separation. It seemed lượt thích they made a much bigger khuyến mãi of it than vãn was necessary. Planes are a thing, Yai's family is absurdly rich, you visit each other. I don't know. I was pretty over them and their petty drama by that point. Their constant fighting and miscommunication and refusal to lớn act lượt thích adults, mostly on Yai's part, was incredibly frustrating to lớn watch.

There was also just far too much packed into this drama for 8 episodes. It may have been slightly more successful if they had pared it down and focused on two or three plot points instead of ten. It made an already messy story even more sánh and added conflict and side stories that served little to lớn no purpose. Was it kind of dễ thương that they actually met when they were kids? Sure. Did it tự anything to lớn further the story or really serve a purpose? No. It could have very easily been cut out and almost nothing would have been lost.

There was just sánh much potential here. Enemies to lớn lovers is always going to lớn be popular and it could have been good here if it hadn't been sánh dark and downright sinister. There's sexy and then there's wrong and disturbing; this was definitely the latter. And if its done in a way that's at least somewhat believable. There were also some things that were hinted at but never allowed to lớn fully develop. The lesbian relationship was one, but the BDSM aspect was another. It was briefly toyed with, mostly in the first episode with Yai's bondage gear and his friend, and then never seen or mentioned again. That definitely would have added some interest.

There were a very few things that I did lượt thích. The smaller cast was nice. Thai casts almost always seem too big and cluttered and its impossible to lớn keep everyone straight. I was thankful they didn't tự that with this drama. I was also surprised, but again, thankful at the lack of secondary couples. Again, normally Thai BL dramas are clogged with three or four additional couples to lớn the main and I liked that they didn't tự that with this one. Aside from our poor lesbian faux couple, there was no competition, though I kept suspecting they were going to lớn put the bodyguards together. As there's evidently going to lớn be a season 2, that may still happen. The OST was overall good. In particular ISBANKY's tuy nhiên was gorgeous. It embodied everything I had hoped this drama would be in a tuy nhiên but sánh completely wasn't. I love it, its the one good takeaway. The acting was overall pretty good. I really am going to lớn blame the production and writing for pretty much everything wrong with this drama at this point.

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All that being said. Don't waste your time. If you were one of those who thought this was going to lớn be KinnPorsche 2.0, it's not, not even close. It's not even a good knockoff. The only reason I'm rating it as highly as I am is because I didn't think the acting/casting was bad for the most part and I did lượt thích the music. The story was a mess though and as for rewatch value? Don't make mạ laugh.

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