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Armor Hero (铠甲勇士 Kǎijiǎ Yǒngshì) aka Armor Hero: Legend of Light and Shadow (铠甲勇士之光影传奇 Kǎijiǎ Yǒngshì: Zhīguāng Yǐngchuán Qí) is a Chinese tokusatsu drama series. It is the first entry of the Armor Hero Series.


Xin Nan, Bei Miao, Dong Shan, Xi Zhao, and Kun Zhong are the descendants of the Fire village, the Water village, the Wood village, the Gold village, and the Earth village respectively. Their bodies contain a mysterious ren. With the power of the Guang Ying Shi ("Light-Shadow Stone") crystals, they are endowed with magical Powered Armor, heirlooms from ancient times.

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Bearing such a mighty panoply, these five young men become the embodiment of righteousness: Yan Long Xia the Fire Dragon Hero, Hei Xi Xia the Black Rhinoceros Hero, Feng Ying Xia the Sky Eagle Hero, Xue hồ Xia the Snow Mastiff Hero, and Di Hu Xia the Earth Tiger Hero. As armored heroes, they fight the evil plans and schemes of the Shadow Emperor and his minions.

The villains' plan is to tướng disrupt the happiness of the community by using pollutants to tướng make pollution monsters that harm the environment and the community's peace. Through their hard work of beating monsters up with a single finisher, the Armor Heroes achieve victory by sealing the fifty-two monsters in fifty-two magical stones and five large magical charms.


The Armor Heroes[]

Names are from the subtitled/dubbed version of the series.

Armor Hero Dragon Man Xin Nan/Erick (铠甲勇士炎龙侠 - 炘南) ► Zhang Jian/George ► Xi Nan/Eric Li ►◄ Dian Nan/Tom
Armor Hero Eagle Man Dong Shan/Sam (铠甲勇士风鹰侠 - 东杉) ►◄ Wen Dong/Denny
Armor Hero Rhino Man Bei Miao/Mike (铠甲勇士黑犀侠 - 北淼) ►◄ Bei Kai/Bill
Armor Hero Mastiff Man Xi Zhao/Ivan (铠甲勇士雪獒侠 - 西钊) ►◄ Ze Xi/Jack
Armor Hero Tiger Man Ying Ba/Shadow Overlord ► Kun Zhong/Tommy (铠甲勇士地虎侠 - 坤中) ►◄ |Fang Zhong/Charles
Armor Hero Emperor Xiang Yang/Paul ► Xi Nan/Dong Shan/Bei Miao/Xi Zhao/Kun Zhong / Eric Li/Sam Wu/Mike/Ivan/Tommy ► Li Ziyang/Jake (铠甲勇士帝皇侠 - 黎子阳)


  • ERP Guardians
    • Dr. Jialu - A smart scientist.
    • Meizhen/Liz - Dr.Jialu's younger sister, a young female scientist, and one of the "non-Armor" characters. She holds a close relationship with Dong Shan/Sam.


  • Ying Ba/Shadow Overlord
  • Ka lun
  • Hei Dì
  • Shadow King
  • Five Shadow Servants
    • Fire Servant -
    • Wood Servant -
    • Water Servant
    • Metal Servant -
    • Earth Servant -

Supporting Characters[]

  • Aunt Bei/Mrs. Bell - Eric's aunt. She owns a restaurant in which she cooks famous dumplings at.
  • Min Ci/Teresa - Implied to tướng be Eric's girlfriend, Teresa is Mrs. Bell's protégé/assistant in her restaurant.
  • Jimmy Xiao - A former magazine reporter who, after learning of the Armor Heroes identities, decided to tướng study abroad. During that time, he changed courses and decided to tướng go into fashion.


  • Episode 01: Power Beast Invasion
  • Episode 02: Fire Dragonman appeared
  • Episode 03: Grasshopper running away
  • Episode 04: Mysteriously missing horse
  • Episode 05: Strange old man
  • Episode 06: Dong Shan: I'm Wind Eagle Hero
  • Episode 07: The newborn Devilish Bull Beast
  • Episode 08: Sealing the Ant Beast
  • Episode 09: Secrets of the successor of Light and Shadow Village
  • Episode 10: Go, Black Rhinoceros Hero part 1
  • Episode 11: Go, Black Rhinoceros Hero part 2
  • Episode 12: Furious battle against Evil Wolf Beast part 1
  • Episode 13: Furious battle against Evil Wolf Beast part 2
  • Episode 14: Rebirth of Earth Stone
  • Episode 15: The lost Earth Stone
  • Episode 16: The Search for Earth Tiger Hero
  • Episode 17: Appearance of Earth Tiger Hero
  • Episode 18: Ambush attack of Jellyfish Beast
  • Episode 19: The Killing order of Realm King
  • Episode 20: Realm King's secret
  • Episode 21: Battle, Armor Heroes
  • Episode 22: The terrifying base of Shadow Realm
  • Episode 23: Realm King's trap
  • Episode 24: Distortion of the Satellite's password
  • Episode 25: Satellite that was being controlled
  • Episode 26: Attack into the Village of Light and Shadow
  • Episode 27: The Ultimate Earth
  • Episode 28: Legend of Light and Shadow Village
  • Episode 29: The fifth Armor Hero
  • Episode 30: Realm King's conspiracy
  • Episode 31: Electromagnetic Storm
  • Episode 32: Battle in the theme park
  • Episode 33: Five Properties gathered
  • Episode 34: Destroy, Realm King's old base!
  • Episode 35: Four Dieties of Evil
  • Episode 36: Counterattack of the Evils
  • Episode 37: New Fire Dragon Hero
  • Episode 38: Five Protectors of Evils
  • Episode 39: The Betrayal of Xi Zao
  • Episode 40: Kung Zhong's instructions
  • Episode 41: Investigation of the Fire Case
  • Episode 42: Battle of Revenge
  • Episode 43: Orphanage Director's Letter
  • Episode 44: Battle for the right to tướng summon Armor
  • Episode 45: Armor Heroes second team
  • Episode 46: Battle for Royal Emperor Hero
  • Episode 47: Investigation on the summoner of Royal Emperor Hero
  • Episode 48: The kết thúc of the protectors of Evils
  • Episode 49: Mastermind behind the Evils appeared
  • Episode 50: Tough battle! Four Greatest Evil Beast Vs Royal Emperor Hero
  • Episode 51: The final battle
  • Episode 52: Real story unveiled


Opening: We Are The Armor Hero

Ending: Battle for Light


  • Wujian Fei As Xinan/Erick
  • Bai Xu Xu as Bei sen/ Mike
  • Guo Shuai as Dong Sha/Sam
  • Zhang Chao as Xi Zhao/Ivan
  • Qin Yan Shi as Kun Zhong/Tommy
  • Shen Renje as Zhang Jian/George
  • Liu Zixuan as Xiang Yang/Paul
  • Yang Ya as Mei Zhen/Liz
  • Lu Jie Yun (卢洁云) as Min Ci/Teresa
  • Cao Lu (曹露) as Aunt Bei/Mrs. Bell
  • Li Guangxu as Jimmy Xiao
  • Wang Jun as Ying Ba/Shadow Overlord
  • Zhong Kai as Bei Kai/Bill
  • Mao Fang Yuan as Fang Zhong/Charles
  • Chen Ze Yu as Ze Xi/Jack
  • Wu Di Wen as Wen Dong/Denny
  • Zhang Dian Fei as Dian Nan/Tom

Armor Hero: Emperor (Feature Film)[]



  • While it has been claimed that Armor Hero is a direct answer to tướng Japan's Kamen Rider, the series contains elements more closer to tướng the Metal Heroes franchise.
    • The concept of Armors being a plot device is also reminiscent of anime such as Saint Seiya and Ronin Warriors.
  • In Trung Quốc, most of the time the official English name is Armor Hero: Legend of Heroes (铠甲勇士之英雄传奇 Kǎi Jiǎ Yǒng Shì Zhī Yīng Xióng Chuán Qí)

External Links[]

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