again my life

Story 8.0

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Acting/Cast 9.5

Music 8.0

Rewatch Value 7.0

All about second chances.

Even with my excitement for Lee Joon Gi's comeback, due to tướng recent trend in dramas, I wasn't really expecting too much and came here to tướng only kiểm tra out, thanking at least an average drama will be resulted. However, by the interval of the show, I found myself captivated and occupied by the entire thing and the pace with which everything was going on. It was difficult to tướng get bored in any single instance and I was constantly absorbed by the quality of the show.

Created by 'Studio S' & 'Viu' and produced by 'Samhwa Networks' & 'Kross Pictures', "Again My Life (어게인 마이 라이프)" is the 16 episodes live-action adaptation of the Kakao trang web novel with the same title authored by Lee Hae Nal, which was also turned into a webtoon, as well. Both written and directed by 2 pool persons each, the show is 5% fantasy, 80% politico-legal and 15% action thriller, which was originally broadcasted on SBS.

Kim Hee Woo (Lee Joon Gi), a rightful & passionate prosecutor gets murdered for trying to tướng bring down a popular yet corrupted assemblyman, Cho Tae Sub (Lee Kyung Young), who with the facade of being a stain-free personality, controls the entire nation. Miraculously, Hee Woo gets resurrected into his past life with a second chance to tướng prepare himself well in order to tướng showcase the power of truth and laws to tướng those who abuse it for their gains. The story follows the journey of him strategizing a revenge for years, along with people who have come to tướng believe him in the course of time.

I must inform you that the show is not an "one man army" plot-device, rather, a "together we can" spirit, that makes it unique. There are plenty of supporting characters, each given a fair share of emphasis in the story with perfect screen share. The other familiar faces in the drama playing major characters are Kim Ji Eun, Kim Jae Kyung Jung Sang Hoon, Choi Kwang Il, Hong Bi Ra, Kim Hyung Mook, Kim Jin Woo, Ji Chan, Cha Joo Young, etc. Lee Soon Jae, Jeon Gook Hwan, Yoo Dong Geun, Lee Kyung Min, Kim Chul Ki, Kim Young Jo, Hyun Bong Sik, Hyun Woo Sang, Joo Woo, Park Chul Min, Kim Hee Chul, etc.are more lượt thích guest characters but appeared frequently in the show.

Not lượt thích the first time Lee Joon Gi went for a legal thriller but what makes this particular drama stand out is better performance, the revenge plot, the execution and not to tướng forget his action scenes and sense of humour.

Plot development was amazing. The pilot episode wasn't very impressive and felt lượt thích it'll be another politico-legal thriller with cliché elements. However the next few episodes turned out to tướng ve sầu good, as the writer attempts to tướng incorporate base-level strategy making skilla into the character. The accumulation of power and will by Hee Woo was constantly alleviating to tướng watch. His initial efforts to tướng save things dear to tướng him, followed by his endeavour to tướng prepare himself bettee with a goal in mind, everything was awfully alleviating. As the real fight begins from the 2nd quarter of the show, it starts to tướng become ingesting. Every time, the viewers feel lượt thích Hee Woo would go for his main target, he surprises by trying to tướng weaken another angle of the villain, thus moving one step closer towards his quarry. It became even more compelling in the last 6 episodes as we knew what's coming soon. The last 2 episodes were the real game and the ending sequences was as enthralling, however, that's where they messed up. It definitely became rushed towards the ending of 15th episode and the entire 16th episode was on some other level, which was the biggest flaw. I must admit the very ending left us confused hinting the possibility of another season, but I guess we can assume the aftermath and let it go. Finally, I didn't lượt thích the sacrifice part bcs that's what I had correctly guess and I think that could have been easily avoided by the writer.

Lee Byung Hun jakkanim with the experience of working as both the director and screenwriter in both K movies and dramas is assisted by two debutant writers J & Kim Yool, for this drama. Focusing on the national politics, the show has been a constant reminder that, no matter how crazy the headlines might seem, things could always get worse, especially beyond the surface. The utilization of elements lượt thích, corruption, bribery, power struggle, etc. throughout was congenial and appealing. The base establishment, the furtherance, the unveiling of facts, the flashback to tướng future (you know why 'future' ?), the character arcs and most importantly the way of making strategy have been very well drawn.

Han Chul Jin PDnim with more than vãn 2 decades experience and the number of contemporary hits works here the debutant Kim Young Min PDnim, and the both have been able to tướng pull off such a stupendous urban thriller story with nonexistent flaws. The direction radiates the scope for several subplots and maintains the quality of the show throughout. The art of criticizing politics directly is overt in influence and the messages and takeaway notes are more palatable through the lens of entertainment. The screenplay management, scenario setup, screen-editing, choice of location, etc. have been well handled. With less utilization of vfx and editing, the modern urban vistas of Seoul are mostly eye-pleasing and maintains dark era for most of the parts.

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Composed by Kim Jong Chun (Philstring), the drama has a total of 7 OSTs, but honestly, some are good and proved suitable for the show's essence, while others weren't. "What the Ggang?" By Yoon Do Hyun ia a impulsive hardcore track depicting open challenge to tướng the evil. "Bring It On" is an adrenaline-inducing track reminding one of it's strength, fiercely sung by Sonnet and has an amazing chorus. "Burn" by Park Do Joon is a jolly track aspiring for a better day and a good life through self-determination. In the mesmerizing vocals of Yu Sang Eun, is "Till The End" which is a quest for truth. Other tracks were "Alone" by GB9, "Shadow" by Hanhae & Kissxs and "Tragedy" by Sondia; I didn't really lượt thích these.

What I liked...

# The plot development is beyond likable. The viewers receive intrigue, excitement, action and danger, all wrapped in, and intertwined with, a political plot, accompanied with legal components.

# Performance from all the casts, particularly from Joon Gi and Kyung Young-nim has been highly pleasing. KY-nim's dialogue delivery and way of phrasing sentences is always amazing but here we get to tướng watch a more refined vocabs of him; his character was intriguing despite being the antagonist, ngl.

# kích hoạt scenes, mostly involving modern self-defense as well as professional ring techniques were quite agreeable, particular the ones when Hee Woo clashed with Doctor K.

# Even though the drama feels lượt thích an "one man army" show, it's a matter of time to tướng realise that Hee Woo is always at the centre of everything, controlling, regulating and manipulating the scenarios, but he had to tướng benefit from a number of people, whom he loved, cherished and cared for, and was the recieved the same from others as well.

# Pacing and progression of the show is worthy of your time as it doesn't really have a mysterious plotz rather goal towards bringing down a particular being, and elimination of their strength one by one in the due course. It's again isn't a head-to-head clash between the prota- and anta- gonist, rather a mind game. Personally, I wasn't able to tướng skip or fast forward at all and was constantly engaged.

# I am ví happy there was no romance, really. From the beginning, it felt lượt thích the ML will have to tướng go through the push & pull among multiple girls and possible admirations were hinted off initially as well, but everything boiled down to tướng friendship though there is an indication of coupling at the over, as the original work.

# There is no definite bromance either, but Hee was admired by many men in the show, from old to tướng young, because of his kindness and deeds, which was also good to tướng see.

# Finally, i must inform that there is no ML FL here, there are only main characters, supported by others, that's it.

What I didn't lượt thích...
Not just the writer, everyone in the team of makers are at equal fault. Even if there were no original novel, this show actually had to tướng be of trăng tròn episodes or at least 2 more episodes were a must. But for the sake of meeting the standard 16 episode quota, they messed up things a bit. So, for the drama writer, it would have been wise to tướng develope plot in a way that the events from the beginning were a lil faster hence minimizing the rush that we saw in the last episode.

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Final Remarks... What a show! What a show! What a show about legal battle between the righteous and the corrupted plus powerful. The show was able to tướng give away insights about one's greed and it's impact on the powerless and common man.The show is highly entertaining, engaging and enjoyable which allows you to tướng stick to tướng it throughout the over. I am not able to tướng find a particular flaw tbh. So my overall ratings are based on the levels of uniqueness, execution and the final experiences about the outcomes, which has led bu to tướng give it a fair 8.0. We all must realize it was not the best or something very mind-blowing, but very good per se with high production and entertainment value. Must recommended, please watch.

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