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Scientific Program

TUEsday - 21/01/2014 15:11
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Monday, November 17th, 2014
Time Event Location
8:30–10:15 Short course 1
Solid oxide fuel cells: state-of-the-art and challenges for commercialization,
Elisabeth DJURADO, LEPMI, Grenoble INP, France
Grand Hall, Building I, University of Science
227 Nguyen Van Cu Str., District 5, Ho Chi Minh City
10:15–10:30 Coffee Break
10:30 – 12:15 Short course 2
PEMFC characterisation and diagnosis by Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
Yann BULTEL, University Grenoble Alpes
12:15–13:30 Lunch time
13:30 – 16:30 Short course 3
Part 1: Structure-Electrochemistry relationships in electrode materials for Li and Li-ion batteries
Part 2: Structural investigation of electrode materials for Lithium batteries using Raman microspectrometry
16:30– 17:30 Registration
18:00–20:00 Welcome Party
Hotel Continental, 132-134 Đong Khoi Street, District1

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014
Grand Hall, Building I, University of Science
227 Nguyen Van Cu Str., Distr. 5, Ho Chi Minh City
Time   Speaker/Institution
7:45-8:30 Registration
8:30-8:50 Opening Ceremony
Welcome speech of Chairman of NMEC-2
Welcome speech of VNU-HCM
Chair Yann BULTEL
8:50-9:20 EC-001-I Fuels for Future - Challenges and Perspectives HO Sy Thoang/ Vietnam Academy of Science and technology (VAST), Vietnam
9:20-9:50 EC-002-I Integration of Intermittent Renewable Energy: Opportunities and Needs for Improved Materials Richard ROCHELEAU/ Hawaii Natural Energy Institute, University of Hawaii, HI, USA
9:50-10:00 Group Photo
10:00-10:15 Coffee Break
Chairs Richard ROCHELEAU, Elisabeth DJURADO
10:15-10:45 NM-001-I Possibilities and Strategies for Materials Design Michael O’KEEFFE / Arizona State University, USA
10:45-11:00 NM-021-O Catalytic Conversion of Carbon Dioxide to Chemical Resources Yong J. KIM / Korea Institute of Industrial Technology
11:00-11:30 NM-002-I Self-assembly Synthesis of 2-D Semiconducting Oxide Nano-superlattice with Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity by Incorporation of Au Nanoparticles Michitaka OHTAKI / Kyushu University, Japan
11:30-12:00 NM-003-I Nanostructured electrodes for energy storage applications: a review of carbon based materials Cattien V. NGUYEN / NTherma Corporation, NASA Ames Research Park, USA
12:00-13:30 Lunch time
Huong Rung Restaurant, 371A Nguyen Trai Street, District 1
Chairs Aldo Di CARLO, Gerald BIDAN
13:30-14:00 LB-002-I Preparation and Characterization of Nanocrystalline Phosphate and Orthosilicate Cathodes for LIB Sunil MHO / Ajou University, Korea
14:00-14:30 LB-003-I Alternative electrolyte for lithium battery: Fluorinated solvents and additives Alloin FANNIE / CNRS - Grenoble INP, France
14:30-15:00 LB-005-I Sodium insertion into V2O5 : an electrochemical and structural investigation Jean-Pierre PEREIRA-RAMOS / Institut de Chimie et des Matériaux Paris Est/CNRS, France
15:00-15:15 LB-011-O Sulphate-based nanostructured polyanionic cathodes: Realization of the highest Fe3+/Fe2+ redox voltage for advanced batteries Prabeer BARPANDA / Indian Institute of Science, India
15:15-15:30 Coffee Break
Chairs Szczepan ROSZAK, Cristina IOJOIU
15:30-16:00 LB-004-I The ᵞ’/ᵞ cathode materials in the Li/V2O5 system: Raman spectroscopy fingerprints of the lithiation-induced structure variations Rita BADDOUR-HADJEAN / ICMPE, GESMAT, UMR 7182 CNRS et Université Paris-Est, France
16:00-16:15 LB-014-O Electrochemical properties enhancement of Spinel Lithium Nickel Manganese Oxide by Secondary heat treatment and Assistant phase formation MAI Thanh Tùng / Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST), Vietnam
16:15-16:30 LB-016-O  Facile synthesis of MoS2 nanoflakes supported on carbon nanotubes for high performance anode in lithium ion batteries NGUYEN Thi Minh Nguyet / University of Technology, VNU-HCM, Vietnam
16:30-16:45 LB-018-O Nanosilicon-based thick negative composite electrodes for lithium batteries with graphene and carbon black as conductive additives NGUYEN Binh Phuong Nhan / Université de Nantes, France
16:45-17:00 LB-019-O Sb-based and Sn-based anode materials for rechargeable Na-ion batteries Do-Hwan NAM / Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Korea
17:00-18:00 Poster Session

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014
Grand Hall, Building I, University of Science
227 Nguyen Van Cu Str., Distr. 5, Ho Chi Minh City
Time     Speaker
8:30-9:00 MC-001-I In silico modelling materials and devices for conversion of ecological sources of energy Szczepan ROSZAK / Wrocław University of Technology, Poland
9:00-9:30 MC-002-I New SOFC cell architecture for operation in Pure Methane by Gradual Internal Reforming Yann BULTEL / University Grenoble Alpes, France
9:30-9:45 MC-003-O Decorating Graphene with Aromatic Structures via Coordination Bonds with Metal Atoms: Density Functional Theory Investigations LE Minh Hung / University of Science, VNU-HCM, Vietnam
  Session FUEL CELL
Chairs HO Sy Thoang, Sunil MHO
9:45-10:15 FC-001-I  Novel optimized nanostructured cathodes and interfaces for IT-SOFC Elisabeth DJURADO / 1Univ. Grenoble Alpes, LEPMI, France
10:15-10:30 Coffee Break
10:30-11:00 FC-002-I Nano-structured aromatic ionomers partially fluorinated for PEMFC Cristina IOJOIU / LEPMI, France
11:00-11:15 FC-015-O Mutilfunctional Ti0.7Ru0.3O2 Support with co-Catalytic Functionality for Pt: Enhances Catalytic Activity and Durability for Fuel Cells HO Thi Thanh Van/ Hochiminh City University of Natural Resources and Environment, Vietnam
Chairs Michitaka OHTAKI
11:15-11:45 PV-001-I Organic and Perovskite Dye Solar cells: from cells to modules Aldo Di CARLO / University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, Italy
11:45-12:15 PV-003-I Evolution of hydrogen from aqueous solution of alcohol by photocatalysis with core-shell nanoparticles: The utilization of by-product glycerin from BDF production Yasuaki MAEDA / Osaka Prefecture University, Japan
12:15-13:30 Lunch time
Huong Rung Restaurant, 371A Nguyen Trai Street, District 1
Chairs Yasuaki MAEDA, Fannie ALLOIN
13:30-14:00 PV-004-I Water splitting under sunlight by using the TiO2-based photoanodes LE Van Hong / Institute of Materials Science, VAST, Vietnam
14:00-14:30 PV-002-I Thermal degradation chemistry of ruthenium complexes in the dye-sensitized solar cell and strategies for reducing the dark current Torben LUND / Roskilde University, Denmark
14:30-14:45 PV-009-O Optical and electrochemical properties of photoanode ZnS/CdSe Qds/CdS co-sensitized TiO2 for Quantum dots solar cells LAM Quang Vinh / University of Science, VNU-HCM, Vietnam
14:45-15:00 PV-010-O Studying on the Effect of Electrolytes and TiO2 Thickness Dependences on Novel Ruthenium (II) Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells LUONG Thi Bich / Institute of Applied Materials Science, VAST, Vietnam
15:00-15:15 PV-014-O Fabrication and characterization of CdS/ZnO bilayer used for electrode in thin film photovoltaic devices PHAM Van Hoi / Hanoi University of Natural Resources and Environment, Vietnam
15:15-15:30 Coffee Break
Chairs Jean Pierre PEREIRA-RAMOS, Cattien NGUYEN
15:30-16:00 SC-001-I Silicon-based 3D hierarchical nanostructures for µ-supercapacitors implementation Gérard BIDAN / CEA-Grenoble, France
16:00-16:15 SC-002-O Electrochemical Nanoflake Manganese Dioxide as Materials for Supercapacitor TRAN Van Man / APCLab, VNU-HCM, Vietnam
16:15-16:30 SC-011-O Reduced Graphene Oxide/Cobalt Nickel Layered Double Hydroxide Composites for Supercapacitor Electrode Materials Stephanie L. CHUA / University of Santo Tomas, Philippines
16:30-16:45 SC-014-O Polypyrrole/Polyaniline Composite Electrode for Supercapacitor: Preparation and Characterization Christina A. BINAG / University of Santo Tomas, Philippines
16:45-17:00 Closing Ceremony / Elisabeth DJURADO
18:30-21:00 BANQUET
Hotel Continental, 132-134 Đong Khoi Street, District1
Thursday, November 20th, 2014
An exciting excursion to Mekong Delta will be organized for participants on November 20, 2014. The one-day tour will take you to two destinations of Mekong Delta, My Tho and Ben Tre province.
Price: 45 USD/ person (~ 950.000 VN dong/ person)
Please register to join the tour by contacting Dr. Nguyen Tuyet Phuong, ntphuong@hcmus.edu.vn , before November 9, 2014.
Payment should be done before noon of Nov 18, 2014.
Tour program (Nov 20, 2014)
8:00AM: Depart from hotel by air-conditioned bus. TheSinhTourist bus takes the tour to peaceful village and far away from city life.
Around 10:00AM: Upon arrival to My Tho city:
  • Overview floating fish houses by boat.
  • Motorized boat ride to Con Phung (Phoenix Island) of Ben Tre province. The province is home of coconut, you can buy handicraft made from coconut trees.
Around 12:00 noon: Have lunch on the island with delicious local dishes: deep fired Elephant ear fish ... (included).
After lunch is the time to explore amazing Mekong canals:
  • Motorized boat cruise along natural creeks and quiet villages in Ben Tre province.
  • Visit orchards, bee-keeping house, enjoy honey tea, seasonal tropical fruit and traditional music.
  • Take horse cart along peaceful village.
  • Rowing-boat ride along small mangrove palm creek (mangrove palm or Nypa-frutican known as "dừa nước" in Vietnam)
  • See coconut candy production process
Around 3:00 PM: Get on the bus to come back Ho Chi Minh City. On the way back drop by Mekong Rest Stop for short break. 
Around 5:00 PM: The tour ends at your hotel.

Including: Private air-conditioned car, English speaking tour guide, boat trips as mentioned on program, lunch, tropical fruit, honey tea and traditional music, horse cart
Excluding: personal expense, tip.


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